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How to start running when i stopped smoking?

Heres a little background info: smoked almost a pack a day for 2 years, im 16.

football season starts may 1st and i have been 2 days without a cigarette and planning to keep it this way,
I need to start running to work my legs out, but 5 minutes into a run i am completely out of breath for smoking so long.
How can i stop this and keep breathing through a run besides stop smoking?

Why not add your oppinion as well ?

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9 Responses to “How to start running when i stopped smoking?”

  1. Marygoroun(d) said :

    You have to build up to it.

  2. A. said :

    Yes you have to build up to it. Also add a bunch of stretching and deliberate breathing exercises.

  3. Who Am I ? said :

    You are out of breath from being out of shape- not smoking.
    You will have to build up to it by running a little further each day or so.

  4. mike12 said :

    it wont just happen overnight. it will take a long time to get good endurance.

  5. Bob K said :

    ughh this is bad news but its good u quiting but it can take up to 5-10 years for damage to lungs to heal its good thing u havent smoked too long i guess if u keep running it will help u heal faster and not sure bout this part but u can try inhaling water vapor break up stuff in ur lungs

  6. DaBird said :

    Take it easy, man. Your body needs time to recover from the damage done by the smoking. I quit smoking and started running, too, a few years ago. Just start off slow and don’t get discouraged if you can’t make it very far at first. With time, your lung capacity will increase and your stamina will improve. The day I quit, I seriously couldn’t run a whole lap around the track at the gym. Seven months later, I was running five miles a day easily. I’m glad you decided to quit smoking.

  7. John B said :

    Build up and get in shape, run in periods. Run for 4 minutes and stop for 2, then run for 4 minutes ect. It gets you in overall better shape for the season because thats how you do sprints in the football season. Also make sure you also do sprinting. In that four minute run, 3:30 should be jog/run and 15-30 seconds should be an all out sprint.

    You’ll get really winded at first and it will hurt really bad but its all mental, once you get over the mental part you will be fine for a while. The pain is worth the football season, just desire it.

  8. catalystskater said :

    one foot in front of the other and repeat! keep doing it until you can run as long as you want

  9. Nick said :

    you need to understand a little bit of physiology as to why you feel tired at the start of exercise. What happens is that there is a huge delay in oxygen delivery to the working muscles upon impact of exercise and that since you have been smoking does not help in the fact that the ratio of oxygen to diffuse out of the lungs into the blood will be small since your dead space will be bigger and that you will have a small surface area ratio of alveoli to help deliver oxygen to pass from the lungs to the blood in comparison to a person who hasn’t smoked. The best thing for you to do is a 5-10 minute warm up with active stretching to get over that and you should minimise the effects of running out of breath before your main session.
    From the effects you feel when you start your run this can be felt not only in smokers but it can be seen in professional athletes, so don’t think that you won’t be able to carry out exercise because exercise will help you recover better than just sitting at home, it’s just a flaw in our evolution that oxygen deficit at the start of exercise happens. Plus exercise will distract your mind from smoking plus your fitness levels will improve in time for the football season if you do it now.
    If i was you I would tally how many cravings you have during the day – for everytime you have a craving to smoke I would add on an extra 5 mins of running time, its not to punish you but to make you more determined to distract your feelings of smoking.


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