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How did you beat cravings when you stopped smoking?

I am trying to stop smoking. Though I failed with it before I am trying the patch again. I feel this time I have a better resolve. What did you do to overcome the cravings, while not eating constantly or biting anyone’s head off from the crankiness?

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14 Responses to “How did you beat cravings when you stopped smoking?”

  1. CALI GIRL said :

    I would get a straw and inhale as if I was smoking. I have been smoke free for almost 3 years and I still get cravings. It’s hard but you can do it!

  2. Pete P said :

    My cravings were neutralized by my practise of Vipassana meditation. I didn’t need to use a patch but I had only been smoking for about 4-5 yrs.

  3. bambi said :

    sunflower seeds

  4. jew said :

    I did it w/ strong cinnamon candies. My Dr. said that smoking deadens ones sense of taste, and that strong cinnamon was a good flavor to get through. It worked for me, but I’d only smoked for a couple years, and never more than 5 packs a week. Good luck.


  5. San Diego Art Nut said :

    You can chew as much sugarless gum as you want. It really helped my oral need. Sometimes it felt rude but it’s a lot less rude than blowing smoke.
    Mints are good too.
    A pencil or pen in your hand helps.
    I smoked for about 30 years and I quit January 15, 2003. It really feels good and I have had almost no colds or flu like when I smoked.
    You can do it too.

  6. kendell c said :

    I, uh, ate constantly and bit everyones head off. What I should have done was join a health club and started exercising every day.

  7. harish k said :

    have some chewing gums wid u….whenever u get a craving chew this gum….itz very difficult but thatz how i did…itz 4 years since i smoked……try to come out of this in a phased cant be done in a single day..lots of control and concentration required………but u can do it………all the best

  8. Ian M said :

    i had a heart attack, that helped me although i don’t recommend it.. seriously though i knew if i didn’t i would get worse and my children were also asking me to stop. that helps if you are doing it for a reason like that.

  9. lariss said :

    Not much you can do. You have to put up with it all until you beat the thing. I ate lots of peanuts, nuts, and sultanas and other dried fruits. Get yourself some chewing gum, one with not too much sugar. Try to stay away from lollies and sweets, and fatty foods. Drink heaps of water, take showers, take walks, read books. The crankiness will lessen the further on you get, but it is so hard. I found the patches really good, but alot of people don’t like them. I did. All the best with quitting, I hope you can kill the beast. A didn’t.

  10. bestfriendthemom said :

    Sunflower seeds, as bambi suggested, is an excellent help. There were some studies done that concluded sunflower seeds contain a chemical our bodies naturally need that is not produced when quitting smoking, but eating sunflower seeds replenishes this.

    I have also had good luck controlling my urges for a cigarette by chewing sugarless peppermint gum, especially after a meal it signals the end like a smoke used to.

  11. slw182 said :

    chew a lot of gum.
    Carry 1 cigarette around with you and when you have a craving just pretend to smoke it.
    If you have tried everything but you still can’t quit try nicotine gum or the patch. They also have a nicotine inhaler and i hear that it works good.

  12. cynical1963 said :

    There is a new prescription drug out called Chantix that my husband and I are going to try at the end of the week. I’ve heard that there have been really good results with this new med. Also, citrus fruits help with the cravings naturally. Keep lemon and orange slices on hand and bite into them when the cravings get unbearable.

  13. naitsirhc said :

    I may not have the correct answer ,but I can honestly say that I know how you feel. I am in the 5th week of the patch. The 1st week was a breeze. Ever since Ive been smoking 1-3 cigs a day. That’s good I guess or at least better than the pack a day I was smoking.

    I find myself yelling at the kids for the smallest things, getting pissed off because I cant find a parking space in the mall. And like you; constantly eating.

    We have to eat healthy stuff since we are constantly seeking that oral gratification.
    Do something with our hands like doodling or taking a walk when you have a craving.

    I’m in the same boat as you.


  14. DrVoelker said :

    First of all, congratulations for quitting smoking!
    I usually break the habits into two parts;
    1) the habit part and 2) the physical addiction part
    it takes about 25 tons of doing things differently in order to break the habit. Therefore, even before you slowdown your smoking; I want you to start breaking the habit. Think of the Times that you most associates in action with your cigarette. No longer allow yourself smoke during those times. When you are in the car, lock your cigarettes in the trunk. If you need a cigarette that badly, stop the car, get the cigarette out the trunk and smoke; then get back in the car. Don’t smoke on the phone, or with your coffee. You get the idea!
    After you done this for 10 days to two weeks, you’re ready to slowdown your cigarette consumption. This is where physical withdrawal kicks in.
    Though many people have quit on nicotine replacement therapy, it is not my favorite way of quitting. First of all, the overall success rate one year is about 15% (just a little above placebo). For me, it is like trying to get an alcoholic to quit drinking by switching from liquor to wine. I would suggest that you talked your doctor about using the new stop smoking drug, Chantix. An alternative is Wellbutrin or Zyban.

    As far as the cravings, they only last about three to five minutes with the pickup a cigarette and smoke or not. Keep yourself busy. Also, at exercise and your daily routine.

    I hope this helps, have a happy and healthy new year!


    Kirk G. Voelker MD
    Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
    Founder Quit Doc Smoking Treatment Network

    Please Note: This note was dictated using Dragon Naturally Speaking v8.0 while exercising on an eliptical trainer, so excuse any transcription errors.


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