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Stopping smoking and want to take up running?

I recently quit smoking after 17 years of having that disgusting habit. I feel like I have finally beat it but I’m sure my lungs aren’t too happy with me. I’ve always worked out walking 4 – 7 miles 5 days a week but I would like to try running. I have never been a runner mostly because I get frustrated by my legs burning or my lungs hurting. Still I want to try to build up to a 5k. Any suggestions on a workout schedule and how soon after quitting smoking I should start?

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2 Responses to “Stopping smoking and want to take up running?”

  1. AusThaBoss said :

    before you run, eat a fruitvegtable. Run around places your familiar with and that have a good clean environmentair.

  2. Sonia P said :

    Today, there are so many options for smokers who want to quit. The nicotine patch and nicotine gum are widely available, as are so many other helpful quit smoking aids. Hypnotism to stop smoking is an excellent way to end your smoking habit because the success rates are possibly double that of the patch and gum. You can also use hypnosis together with other stop smoking programs like the patch to achieve even better results.


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