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How to maintain muscle tone but keep testosterone levels low?

Hi there, I’m a young male and have been doing resistance training for a few years. However, I’m reading that weight training can increase testosterone (and maybe DHT) production in the body, which is a good thing for the bodybuilder since it reduces bodyfat and helps build muscle, but is a bad thing for those concerned with cholestrol levels, cancer, and/or hair loss.

My question is, are there resistance training methods (ie: low intensity, high-rep workouts, adding cardio to your workouts, etc) that would not stimulate the production of testosterone? Is it true that cardio helps lower testosterone levels? Basically, I want to maintain my muscle tone but keep those testosterone levels low. Is that possible?

Thank you very much, all suggestions are appreciated

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One Response to “How to maintain muscle tone but keep testosterone levels low?”

  1. lv_consultant said :

    the source of your information is highly inaccurate. test and dht are both neccessary for the human body to function properly. how these hormones may cause certain illnesses, etc. has nothing to do with the levels of them. it has to do with how “your” body reacts to them and that is based on your genetics.

    take dht for example. it does cause hair loss but the level of dht is irrelevant. a person can have low dht levels and great hair loss, another can have very high levels of dht and no hair loss. it is how the androgenic receptor on the hair follicle reacts to dht and that is based purely on genetics.


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