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how to lose fat and get ripped at gym? really need help?

i signed up for a gym. i dunno what exercises to do. im 14, and gotta lose my belly fat fast and gain serious muscle,. Im a GUY. ill go to gym every second or 3rd day. what exercises should i do AT THE GYM in order to burn weight fast? please help. even if its cardio, what type cardio should i do at the gym?

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5 Responses to “how to lose fat and get ripped at gym? really need help?”

  1. Jorrocks said :

    Eat half as much.
    Work twice as hard.


  2. David said :

    I’m 27 and have been into weight training and fitness since about your age. You are in the absolute beginner phase of exercise and you really shouldn’t be going to over the top.

    If you are not sure what to do first in order to start burning fat, RUN. Treadmills and general street running are always the best option. Rowing is good for building stamina, but will focus mainly on strengthening the legs, back and arms. Cycling machines as far as I’m concerned are the people that have a lazier attitude to weight loss. As i say if you really want to urn fat all over then jump on the treadmill.

    Sometimes going to the gym can be really daunting at your age but any good gym will provide excellent help and encouragement.

    Fitness and weight training at home is sometimes considered less important but can be really benefitial s afraid to really push yourself to do what you can as no one is watching.

    Found a good site that provides simple, straight to the point information about fitness and weight training. Including exercises, template workouts and diet schedules.

    Good Luck

  3. John The Fitness Trainer said :

    Do the Fat X Workout and Diet Program. It’s great for losing fat, getting fit and toned. The workout videos are free on the Fat X 101 blog( You can also get a personal trainer or join a boot camp.

  4. Johnathan said :

    You need to follow a balanced program that includes proper nutrition, strength training and regular cardio workouts. Don’t get sucked into following a fad diet or wasting money on pills. Here’s a link to a site really help both me and my wife. I think it will give you what you’re looking for. Good luck with it!

  5. AustinNRG said :

    first thing to do is educate yourself with sports medicine and exercise science basics and don’t be misled by websites that mostly consist of advertising links to sites with more links and so on and have very generalized info, such as, David’s suggestion from above… I’m a retired professional athlete and web researcher for the most current and valid exercise theories…some important things you should learn are proper warm-up, the different types of weight training, the differences between: isotonic and isometric loading; agonist and antagonist muscles; local and global stabilizer muscles; types of stretching and what’s most critical is to stretch after you work-out, not before…find out about about RAC and CRAC stretching techniques and learn how to do each…these are what pro athletes do today…well, what their trainers have make them do. Check out


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