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How often should you eat dessert when dieting?

I want to lose weight, but I love sweet treats and tend to have them every day. Could I have, say, 90 calorie frozen yogurt every day or would that hurt my dieting? Sometimes I even have fruit.

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9 Responses to “How often should you eat dessert when dieting?”

  1. Neo said :

    u should not eat anyhting bad for six days a week and on the 7th go to dairy queen and have a blizzard..i have lost 70 pounds doing that

  2. Jessica W said :

    i eat like a 110 calorie fudge bar and it doesnt seem to hurt me but as my mom says eat a desert exercize it off srry

  3. lemlaluna said :

    depriving yourself never works when dieting, it just wears down at your self control until your entire regimen falls apart. everything in moderation, and healthy sweets like ripe fruit and fat free yogurt add variation to your diet, making it more interesting and more livable in the long run.

  4. TeriAnn said :

    Find something naturally sweet and jsut eat a small portion to satisfy the urge for desserts. But do enjoy yourself every once in a while. Good Luck

  5. Cyrus The Great said :

    it depends on how many calories you consume in a day already and your activity level. Lets say you want to eat 1500 calories a day to lose weight if you can eat what you want and still have those 90 calories than yes. also if you walk about a mile each day ( at the min) then it should also help.

  6. Samantha said :


  7. bmx_life said :

    dont eat it, i only eat it like once every month, not everyday..

    dont eat iit

    motivate urself

  8. Knitter said :

    Depends on what you call dessert, and how many calories you eat overall.

    I think that the frozen yogurt could fit in nicely if you just made sure you trimmed the 90 calories from somewhere else in your diet, or put in extra exercise to burn it off.

    Obviously some desserts are healthier than others. Your yogurt sounds pretty good… cakes and cookies not so much. One treat that I love for summer is frozen bananas on a stick, dipped in just a little bit of chocolate. That ends up being about 80 calories, and it’s great.

    So too is frozen pudding cubes… make pudding mix, but just put it in an ice cube tray. They’re about 5 calories a pop and are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  9. Tokyo ;) said :

    i do kind of like a reward system 😛
    what i do is stay on good diet for the whole week then on either Friday or Saturday i get a snickers or ice cream

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