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how long should i run for to lose belly fat?

So I got 2 weeks off, and I plan on running every morning starting tommrow. But I’m not sure what’s I reasonable amount of time I should run. 15 min? 20 min? 30 min? Im trying to make most out of my 2 weeks spring break, really want to lose my belly fat fast!

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12 Responses to “how long should i run for to lose belly fat?”

  1. Kelly M said :

    run for 45 mins every day and dont drink an energy drink before or after. also, dont eat any food before or after, it will ruin the losing weight concept. be sure to stretch.

  2. Vista said :

    Until you get to Canada.

  3. Alexis L said :

    I would suggest 30 mins to an hour depending on how much belly fat you have, plus some ab exercises at least three times a week. Good luck!

  4. sarah said :

    run for half an hour and then after u finish play set up next day sprint fast then joke sprint fast then joke try it its useful
    gwed luk bi

  5. RIP ALL<3 said :

    Try to go as long as you resonably can. You can start at whatever time you feel comfortable stopping at and then build it up. For example: one day one you can run for 15 minutes and then on day two you can run for 20 minutes and so on until you feel you have reached your limit. I would recommend on average being active for 30 minutes or more. The more cardio you do the more fat you will lose.

  6. mike said :

    To get an effective workout you should run for at least 20 minutes, though since you want to make the most out of your 2 weeks I highly suggest you run longer than that. Also be sure to thoroughly stretch out your muscles before running, or else you may injure your self or be extra sore the next day. good luck and dont quit!

  7. melhanie_n13 said :

    45 minutes to an hour each morning before eating breakfast, we burn more fat as soon as we wake up and before eat, you will be more successful this way. drink lots of water to flush out your system

  8. yore said :

    do sit ups 120 every night for 2 weeks then do 200 every night for another 3-4months!

  9. LadyLynn said :

    Start gradually. Start with 10 minutes. Add five every day. Work up to at least 30 minutes a day. You can do it twice if you want!
    Bless you and good luck! 🙂

  10. Pooh said :

    well, drink lemon water in the morning and run atleast for half and hour until your tired.

  11. pikachu said :

    i lost my belly fat by running 4 hours everyday and swimming for 1 hour. Eating before 5pm, only once a day. Don’t drink soda. i was 115 pounds and now i’m only 98.

  12. Gil A said :

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