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How does a depression medicine work for anxiety?

I have Social anxiety. My doctor prescribed Zoloft which is a depression medicine. I am just curious, how does the same medicine also treats social anxiety???

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4 Responses to “How does a depression medicine work for anxiety?”

  1. Joy said :

    Anxiety and depression usually go hand in hand.
    I am not exactly sure though.

  2. Daedal said :

    They work the same by balancing hormones in the brain. Imbalances cause both anxiety and depression and are very similar conditions that typically happen together

  3. FlowersYes said :

    They go hand in hand. You get anxious about something and after some time it becomes depressed over that same thing. In both cases, when the nerve ends send messages to the next nerve thru a gap, these messages don’t get there, they sort of bounce back to their origin. This is what’s called a chemical imbalance in the brain. These messages are sent via chemicals ‘jumping’ from one nerve end to the other. If they don’t get ‘absorbed’ by the second nerve, we become depressed and probably more anxious about more things in life.

  4. The Wild Man said :

    if you are having trouble with stress or anxiety ….check thsi out lil Dr Jack can helps


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