How much does prescription medicine actually cost?

I am honestly not trying to sell anything, i was just interested. I once heard of plans to tell patients how much stuff costs to stop people from not completing the full course and i was just interested as my doctor is considering giving me something which i was told was very expensive, but how expensive could it possibly be??
BTW i am 17 and in UK so all my medicine is free when got through doctors, Thanks!

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9 Responses to “How much does prescription medicine actually cost?”

  1. cymraes_y_cwm said:

    Nothing if you live in Wales no matter what your age.
    Nothing should be said or done to stop a person from taking medication.
    They prescribe the cheapest version of a medicine anyway.

  2. ξήĢŁĭŞĦ ŗǾşξ ©® ღஐღ said:

    some is a lot cheaper over the counter
    but alot of it is way too expensive to buy

    and of course you cant buy alot of it without prescription

  3. Sal*UK said:

    Depends – Zovirax (used for cold sores) actually costs over £15.00 per tube, so a script is cheap. Many other things cost a lot less than £7.10!

  4. Kinekie said:

    Some medications are very expensive. Depends what one it is. The book that doctors consult is the BNF, British National Formulary. This has all the details of the drug, including price. If there is a cheaper alternative then they will prescribe it.

  5. John A said:

    I can certainly give you an indication. I take atenolol. If I got in on prescription in the UK it would cost me about £7.00 a month. I get it in Eastern Europe off prescription for less than 50p. If you need diazepam, they will again cost you between 6 and 7 pounds for a handful. I bought 2000 in Sri Lanka for less than £10. A recommended alternative over the counter medicine they recommended was morphine sulphate at £2.50 for 10 …..the pharmacist apologised for the excessive cost of his recommendation!!! If you get drugs in the UK, you are being ripped off, simple as that.

  6. Ozark Butterfly said:

    Depending on the medicine it could cost a lot.
    One daily pill I take is Atenolol, I pay $4 for a 30 day supply. Last summer, I had some kind of bacterial infection in my stomach, it was eating my stomach linning away, the medicine for that cost me $386.43!

    I also hope no doctor or nurse, anyone in the medical feild is trying to discourage people from taking their full treatment. That could cause the patient even bigger problems if they stop their meds.

  7. daniella.perry said:

    average 7.10

  8. kit27kat said:

    i’m afraid it’s a mixture of both; yes if you get something like aspirin for example on prescription when your 18 it’ll cost 7.10 for the prescription whereas it you go to tesco you can get the same for less than 2 pound. some doctors and pharmacists will tell you this unfortunately some will not. however to go to the other end of the spectrum there are some drugs for treating cancer such as infliximab that costs thousands of pounds for one course of treatment so this is when the prescribing system comes in handy. so again it depends on the drug and yes sometimes you can get ripped off and other times you are making a huge saving. – and doctors only prescribe the cheapest version (which is the exact same drug its just not patented by the drug company with a ‘designer label’ as such) to not waste the money the nhs has been allocated and so theres adequate funds to give the best treatment to as many ppl as possible.

  9. Laurie Ennels said:

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