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What is the best medicine to not feel social anxiety?

I am very shy and anxious around people-. What is the most effective medicine for social anxiety? How do they work?

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10 Responses to “What is the best medicine to not feel social anxiety?”

  1. jkauff123 said :

    only a theripist can figure out which one is right for you. they know the chemical basis for all medicines.

  2. letsgostate05 said :

    The most prescribed medicines are antidepressants- you should see your doctor to determine which one will work best for you.

  3. Dove4ever said :

    see your doctor and try ZOLAFET

  4. Susan M said :

    Behavior modification: being in social situations all the time until you accept it.

  5. Harvey B said :

    THE ANSWER IS NOT WHICH MED is best but rather which med is best for your biological makeup. This is best to be discussed with a doctor. The class of med, used for SAD is usually SSRI. Google SSRI, BUT SEE A DOCTOR WHO WILL HAVE TO PRESCRIBE and follow up with you to possibly alter the dose or switch the med used.

  6. slim beat casey woot woot said :


  7. Violet Pearl said :

    Taking drugs because you’re shy sounds extreme. Why not just work on your social skills, build more confidence and accept yourself for who you are?
    Drugs don’t change your personality- they numb you, and are extremely dangerous. And besides- if you try to stop taking drugs, which is horrible, you won’t have changed at all.

    Drugs, whether pot, booze, speed, cocaine, heroine, or crack do not solve anything.

  8. waukeene said :


    you can learn to become open and receptive, quiet and without desires or the need to do something

    being open and receptive is called ‘Yin’, the feminine or the valley

    imagine that there is a pond in this valley. when no fears or desires stir the surface of the pond, the water forms a perfect mirror.

    the vistoril helps to still the water

    in this mirror, you can see God and you can see all creation

    go into the valley
    take your vistoril
    be still
    and watch the pond
    go as often as you wish
    your silence will grow
    the pond will never run dry

    the valley, the pond are all within you

    the vistoril merely helps you to facilitate the process

  9. Dke said :

    St. John’s Wort and Omega-3 Fish Oil are effective and are much better than having to take prescription drugs with dangerous side effects.

  10. mama said :

    whatever your you and your doctor decide.the only thing anyone on here can tell you is the one that THEY think works best. see a doctor so they can evaluate your specific situation and the severity of it and your medical history and any other drugs you take and everything else.what works for 10 other people might be the one thing that doesnt work for you, so see a doctor.


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