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can i take medicine during the month of concieving?

i have severe hairfall and dandruff and decided to see a doctor.but heard that taking medicines during this period cause hormonal imbalance and restrict that trur?what shall i do?

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2 Responses to “can i take medicine during the month of concieving?”

  1. doro said :

    It’s true, it is not recommended to take medicine causing hormonal imbalance during the time a woman wants to conceive. I would either continue with the treatment, and then wait out one cycle before conceiving, or if conception was number one priority, I’d stop taking the medicine, and rather switch to something less invasive such as B-Vitamins and dandruff shampoo. Also, you can start taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins already few months before conceiving.
    But in general, it is worth getting into better shape prior to conceiving. If you delay conception for about three months, your body will have time to recover from hairfall, it will get stronger to be able to support the baby, and inbetween you can start taking vitamins that will get stored in your system, and come handy during the time of morning sickness when you won’t be able to keep the food down.

  2. Dr Frank said :

    Ideally no medication should be consumed during early pregnancy, and thus should be avoided during conception. However there is no oral hair loss preparation for women, and anyway you need some investigation rather than treatment, ( thyroid function etc.) and dandruff preparations are mainly topical only.


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