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If laughter is the best medicine, then why do most doctors have no sense of humour?

I have never met a doctor with a sense of humour. Any Road it is to laugh with the patient and not at them.
Humour will relax the patient , making it ajoy and not a chore.

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13 Responses to “If laughter is the best medicine, then why do most doctors have no sense of humour?”

  1. Elanshaw said :

    Good question…I surely don’t know..but here’s a star…

  2. nyskiermom said :

    They do, just not when practicing medicine. They’re afraid if they laugh that it might be misinterpreted as not taking your condition/you seriously and could result in a law suit.

  3. rugratshd said :

    Most doctors have an excellent sense of humour – I feel you are prejudiced or have an enormaous chip on your shoulder!

  4. rockabillly motha****** said :

    because dovtors are evil , like politicians, and lawyers, and cops , and public officials, and that judge that gave me the max sentence when i was 14

  5. katydint said :

    Good observation.
    I guess they’re SO focused on treating symptoms, they aren’t tuned in to addressing the causes of our dis-ease and a more humorific approach to healing.

  6. blaze23 said :

    They are busy, long hours, not enough nursing staff.

  7. BlueEyedBoy said :

    Because they understand better than anyone how delicate life is, all the things that can’t be laughed off.
    Imagine being a doctor. Satisfying as it may be at times, they really only get to give no news or bad news. The grief they must see everyday, I don’t envy them in any way.

  8. She It I do said :

    Because their whole day at work is dealing with people who have problems
    .. .. ..
    And expect him the doctor to have a cure that will work in hours
    .. .. ..
    And with people who are mad at him for not making them better as they expected him to do when the problem is un curable
    .. .. ..
    And then the pay he gets that most people think he puts it all in his back pocket when he has to pay other people paychecks who work for him and his insurance is not a drop in the bucket
    .. .. ..
    Then he goes home wondering what will so and so say when they find out the lab test tomorrow
    .. . ..
    Enough of a reason why they are not mister happy go lucky man
    .. .. ..

  9. lilbunnywabbitt said :

    See enough patients die on ya or not listen to the recommendations or prescriptions given to them… I guess that changes a person… The OB/GYN we had with our last baby had a sense of humor.. especially when my wife asked him if it was ok for her to orgasm during sex…

  10. ivor said :

    GP’s have enough sense of the ridiculous to expect and currently earn 200,000 pounds for ridiculously short hours plus the chance to make even more private fees – they’re laughing all the way to the bank!

  11. Horse Rider said :

    my doctor makes a HUGE fuss like when I was getting blood took he kept checking with the nurse and was asking me about school and stuff to take my mind off it. they just have to make sure they dont muck anything up because they could kill someone, give them the wrong prescription, put blood inthe wrong tubes and do i have to go on. not all doctors are dull they’re work is important to them it would be unproffesional to make jokes in front of the patient

  12. karenm31 said :

    Amen!!! There are those that do have a sense of humor, just not very many. I think that it puts your patients at ease most of the time to know that doctors are nice, but at the same time they better know their stuff.

  13. Ivan R said :


    (ANS) They end up having no! sense of humor because they have to see on average x40 sick people a day, work an 11 or 12 hr day, come home and still have to write out drug prescriptions,etc,etc.

    **They have witnessed so much pain, sickness & dying & death (YES! I know they chose this as a career but even so doctors are human beings with feelings too) you know life is a messy awful business sometimes with dreadful suffering and doctors are at the sharp end of that.

    **You trying telling someone’s relatives in intensive care that they’re son or daughter or mother or father just died after major surgery to save them after a car crash or drug overdose. YES! I’ve witnessed this and its horrible, stuff of nightmares NOT very funny.

    **Its a wonder some doctors retain their sanity never mind a sense of humor, is it any wonder so many doctors & nurses end up with alcohol problems.



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