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How do you lose weight and drink alcohol?

I have 20 pounds to lose and do not wish to stop drinking to do it. I usually have 1 or 2 drinks most days of the week. Occasionally, I’ll drink up to 5 drinks if I go out. Sometimes I may not drink at all, but I do on most days. Does anyone have weight loss tips to help me lose while still enjoying my beverage. When I ask for tips, I mean besides eating healthier and exercising, because those are things I’ve already began doing. Thanks…

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10 Responses to “How do you lose weight and drink alcohol?”

  1. Harley said :

    I was worried about the same thing. The best I can offer is try to drink light beer if you drink beer and stick with your current plan. I still have a couple beers (regular though, not light) a few days out of the week but as long as I stood with my eating/exercising I still lost weight.

  2. Dad's found yer scoo'er said :

    Drink lite beer or other low cal drinks. Avoid alchopops and other drinks with loads of sugar.

  3. $hAnNiE bEbE said :

    well ur not going to while ur drinking that much if u ave to drink, drink something light and low in fat

  4. SirWilliam said :

    …alcohol is full of “empty” calories so you’ve got a problem.

  5. flickett said :

    Depends, what do you drink? If your happy to swap your usual high-carb drink for a low-carb then you could make a big difference. For instance, dont drink sugary fizzy drinks like jack daniels and coke. Try jack daniels and water. Top shelf has no carbs, until you add the fizzy to it. Or try light beer maybe. Good luck 🙂

  6. eliafrancescon said :

    stop drinking, it’s bad for you, you dumbass

  7. deirdrezz said :

    Stop eating in the evenings. I did this last May – ate a normal breakfast and lunch and then had some drinks and one snack (popcorn, pretzels,etc.) for the night. When school ended in June, I was a size 4. (I am usually a 6/8). It is hard to keep up once you are around others. Dinner is more than food; it is a social activity.

  8. Sassy said :

    Good Luck and when you figure out how to write a book you will make millions!

  9. Joost S said :

    just dont drink its bad for you it have got much calories

  10. leish j said :


    1. Try mixing your favorite liquor with Crystal Lite drink mixes. They only have 5 calories each with NO SUGAR, so they won’t fill you up, they won’t make you puke from suar overload, and they won’t make your belly pooch!

    My favorite combo: Captain Morgan’s Malibu Passion Fruit Rum mixed with Strawberry-Orange Crystal Lite. Yum

    2. Try making jello shots with sugar-free jello.

    Have fun!

    Drink responsibly!


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