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If I stop drinking beer will I lose some weight?

I’ve noticed that I have gained a few lbs ever since I started to drink it occassionally. Do you think cutting it out of my diet, and alcohol, will help me lose some weight?

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30 Responses to “If I stop drinking beer will I lose some weight?”

  1. noviadluismi said :

    yes, as long as you don’t replace it with something else that’s fattening

  2. amberharris20022000 said :

    beer is fating

  3. roaringby said :

    Beer does tend to put weight on a person.

  4. arya_littlefinger said :

    Probably, and I’ll bet if you cut junk food out of your diet, and start to exercise you’ll lose even more!

  5. Darlene R said :


  6. yes_u_r_dumb said :

    You need light beer.

  7. elfy1949 said :

    Odds are that you will lose weight because you are taking in so many calories.

  8. Jessica B said :

    all signs point to yes.. beer is full of carbs. If you are going to drink, drink light beers. they are the best for you.

  9. shezdoni2 said :

    yes, it will help you lose weight, and also make you feel better

  10. dyrrtysouthchyck said :

    Yes, beer has a lot of calories. Don’t just stop drinking tho’, you will need to work out for faster results.


    Sure. beer is full of empty calories, and alcohol inhibits the body’s fat burning ability.

  12. bambinno4 said :


  13. drgoodhi said :


  14. Amy C said :

    yes…and excersise…and dont eat as much junk food…if you need help…go to…it can help you plan a meal for you… that you become more healthy..and maybe loose weight

  15. Erik said :

    yes! I use to drink beer and stopped, now I drink vodka and orange juice, or Caesars(you have to get use to it) and man I lost 8 lbs so far!!

  16. bisquedog said :

    Can’t hurt Good dirt and exercise will do more though

  17. chuckles said :

    Yup. Beer and alcohol, and soda, can put a lot of weight on people. If you wanna lose weight, don’t eat fast food or fried food either.

  18. Ben said :

    Yeah, but you will be miserable. It’s not worth it!

  19. somebrowning said :

    How occasional is occasionally? If more than 4 times a week, then you definitely need to cut back to lose weight

  20. rdblsmith47 said :

    You might loose some by cutting beer out of your diet but to loose all of it your going to have to excercise excercise excercise. Sorry but that is the Gods honest truth.

  21. Henry W said :

    occasionally? for true? less than a bottle ?no effect then

  22. max m said :

    Yes definitely………. the average calorie amount per beer is 100 calories!!!! If you want to get drunk just drink some hard liquor!
    Please vote me the best answer!!!

  23. Bradley D said :


  24. judasrabbi said :

    Yes you will

  25. really? said :

    Probably so… it does cause a lot of people to gain a little. That’s why it’s called a beer belly.

  26. stimpy said :

    Ethanol is a hefty caloric addition to any diet. Of course you will lose wieght given no other alteration to your diet other than the consumption of alcohol.

  27. Sarah W said :

    it depends what you replace it with. If you replace it with water and excercise, then yes, it will help you lose weight. If you replace it with milkshakes and Sopranos Marathons, then nope. You’ll probably need to shop for new fat clothes. At least there’s a silver lining!

  28. agavemark said :

    Yes… you can stop drinking beer and start drinking Tequila…

  29. republicansarecruel said :

    It could. Beer and mixers have alot of empty calories, so by removing those calories, you have the potential of losing weight.

  30. Ted said :

    It may, but it doesn’t sound like you drink that much, so it might not make a difference in terms of your weight.

    The answer to your weight-gain may lie in something else that you’re eating (or drinking) a lot of.


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