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How do you lose fat around the belly button?

I have some abs, im pretty large in the chest and shoulders region, but I have a little bit of fat around my belly button that i’d like to lose.

Do I just have to do more cardio or what??

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4 Responses to “How do you lose fat around the belly button?”

  1. MuscleMonsters said :

    Its just a certain aread in the abs your missing when your working them, heres a video i made with the perfect ab workout for u

  2. unknown50 said :

    YES!. even if you do abs 60 times a week, you wont lose the belly jelly. youre abs would be really defines but they would be underneath a layer of fat. you have to do cardio to slpwly decrease that fat. Or you can try eating 3 tables spoons of coconut oil for a month. google coconut oil for weight loss. its a good secret.

  3. emmabugg said :

    theres a lotion called body sculpture that burns fat layers on the stomach. only thing it has caffeine in it so if your sensitive to it then dont buy it. if the lotion is for you then try it i guess.

    otherwise good luck.

  4. nmichael1 said :

    Well how i became 8 percent body fat (down from 15%) was from boxing. I am a amateur boxer. The workout consist of jumping rope then hitting the heavy bag, hitting the mitts and ab work. Hitting the heavy bag is verry tiring and anarobic. Try sprinting. Or running for 30 sec at high speed then jogging for 1 min. Alternating back an fourth from sprinting to jogging. One of the best ways to burn fat an calories.

  5. Best Ab Workout said :

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