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Can you lose weight and exercise when you have a belly button Piercing?

Hi i am wondeing if u can tell me if you can lose weight and exercise, when you have a belly button Piercing. And how long a navel Piercing takes to heal and how long before you can change your belly bar/ring ect.

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9 Responses to “Can you lose weight and exercise when you have a belly button Piercing?”

  1. Stronger than yesterday. said :

    Ya. Lots of people do.

  2. Molly said :


  3. shaun b said :

    Healing time can vary. The important thing is to keep clean. Exercise is fine. Most people will be healed within 6-8 weeks although some may take a little longer. You are better to leave in until it is no longer red swollen or sore and appears to be completely healed.

  4. BLASH said :

    Of course you can exercise. Wait a couple of weeks before you change it just to make sure that its somewhat healed. you can always change the little balls untill then. The healing process is different for everyone, for some it takes months. Just make sure to keep it clean untill it heals.

  5. Lundy Lover said :

    don’t change it till 3 months the earliest. clean it with salt and warm water because i didnt and i had a bubble around the holes. its better now though.

    stick with crunches and exercises that are like hoola hooping. swim all you want after 2 weeks. in the beginning when i stretched my stomach out far it hurt my piercing now it doesn’t. so just do activities that dont stretch your piercing too much.

  6. Olga said :

    of course you can…
    its just like any piercing.
    u can still do everything but to a limit.
    i got my tongue ring and when it was healing i ate all i wanted even if it was a challenge.

    and usually about 4-6 weeks just like any other piercingg.

  7. shay said :

    if u have a earing can u lose weight its da same thing ofcourse u can itll take bout 3,4 days to heal but it kinda depends on da type of skin u have u can change it within two weeks of having it

  8. care_for_all_people said :

    It didn’t stop my daughter from doing kick boxing exercises and gym work.

  9. sacha s said :

    yes you can and some girls get it pierced and then try to lose weight so they look more beach attractive . i’d say thats fairly common .


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