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How do you lose belly fat and inches off your waist?

I’m 16 and i want to loose some belly fat and some inches off my waist. What’s a good diet and exercise to loose them? Btw I’m lactose intolerant and i have asthma.

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10 Responses to “How do you lose belly fat and inches off your waist?”

  1. tinman97prn said :

    Belly fat is still fat. To reduce fat you need to increase the amount of exercise (aerobic type exercise). It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go out a run a couple of miles a day, but it does mean that you need to make a commitment to make exercise a routine part of your day. With the nice weather, walking and biking are great ways to burn calories without asking you body to do too much that your asthma may become an issue.

    For diet, really pay attention for a couple of days to what you are eating..try to reduce the amount of high calorie, low mass items and replace them with lower calorie high mass items (replace a candy bar with an apple).

  2. 911247666 said :

    cardio baby, treadmill, jogging, swimming, kickboxing, anything that gets your heart rate up and makes u sweat, stay away from fatty foods.

  3. sensible_man said :

    I went through the same thing and found a quick and easy way to solve the problem. I took a small barbell and put 10 pounds of weight on it. Almost every time I walked by it, I held it at waist level and twisted from side to side 10 times. It took off 2″ in about a month. Any heavy object can be used, including a stack of books.

  4. pickmefirstplz said :

    push yourself away from the dinner table

  5. jean ann j said :

    Lie on your back. Suck the belly in and count to 10. Do this a few times at first and do more as you go along. 2- Stand and hold arms straight out and twist from side to side as far as you can go. Go back and forth several times.
    3-Hold arms up to side, bend elbows and raise one arm at a time up. Then do with the other arm You can feel this pulling on the back of your waist line. Do several times. 4- This might e too much for your asthma. Lie on back and put hands behind the head and raise body up to sitting position
    Walking is very good.
    I call this a BBBS diet. Bake, broil, or bake or steam.
    Leave off fat.
    No fried foods
    No sugar
    No white flour.
    Eat fresh vegetables and frozen.
    Fresh fruit.
    Lean meat. The white meat of chicken.
    100% wheat bread.
    Low fat milk and dairy products.
    Diet soda drinks are not good for you.
    Easy on the salt.
    If you have a craving for something like a cookie go ahead and eat about 3 and get rid of the craving. This is every now and then. It is best not to have sweets in the house. Your go out and have a treat and eat something sweet. Like a piece of cake and a cup of coffee or a banana split.

  6. Natalie said :
  7. Insurance Guru said :

    How to get rid of the Fat Belly!!!

    If you want to lose weight in your belly you have to lose it throughout. The best way to lose the fat in the stomach area is by proper diet and exercise. Here are some tips for what should be done and what should not be done to reduce your belly fat. To read it check out

  8. Ujj H said :




    and weight lifting are the best to loose weight

  9. Diet Expert said :

    If you are looking for the best way to lose belly fat. I suggest doing what this mom did

    Combining acai and cleanse to get the best diet result

    Hope this help,

  10. Kristina Sadahiro said :

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