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How do you get the little white bolt covers to fit under the toilet?

This is a serious question. We just replaced our toilet and we are stuck with the same problem our old toilet had which is the covers don’t fit because the bolts are too long. If we cut them off then the nut will never come off when it is time to replace the toilet again. What are you suppose to do to get it to fit?

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4 Responses to “How do you get the little white bolt covers to fit under the toilet?”

  1. Justin K said :

    you are suppose to cut the bolts. some hard stores carry different lengths. they also sell bolts that have breakaway section that you can bent and will break off. you can always add washers if you are close

  2. B Anne said :

    You just cut it with a hack saw. The nut will come off but I hope you don’t have to replace the toilet again in your lifetime.

  3. cheezyhill said :

    You can and should cut the bolts. The white cap bottom goes under the washer. Most people make the mistake of putting it with the ridge line down, I have always found that if you place the ridge line up the cap will snap on better.

    As far as the nut not coming off when it comes time to take the toilet up again, it will. The worst case is that you have to buy a new set of bolts the next time you go to reset your toilet. When I set a toilet i go so far as to caulk around the bottom of it. Ask yourself how often have you removed your toilet in the past? Most people I know only do it for a new floor.

  4. chicagirl51 said :

    You cut them off with a hacksaw(a close quarters hacksaw works best).
    You can get one in the plumbing section at home depot.The nuts are removable even after you cut them off. Just leave a few threads showing. I cut mine off with a little less than 1/2″ of theads showing above the nut. You only have to cut a little more than half way through and bend and break it off with a pair of pliers.


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