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How do weight scales with body fat percentage calculation work?

Hello, I am in a competetion where the total of weight percentage loss and fat percentage loss determines the winner. Besides diet and exercise, is there anything specific I can do on the final days of the competetion to squeeze out an extra 0.5% in body fat percentage by tricking the scale?

For example, if I drink a gallon of water before the weigh-in that will add pounds but could it decrease body fat percentage? The scale for body fat % is measured in increments by 0.5%, so just a slight variation can cause it to go from 10.0 to 9.5% for example. That small of a difference can be huge on the final tally.

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2 Responses to “How do weight scales with body fat percentage calculation work?”

  1. fightintxaggie98 said :

    Most of the body fat scales I’ve seen use electrical impedance to measure body content. I don’t know how to fool the scale, but the water theory sounds like it could work. Only thing is that if you push it too much, you risk water toxicity.

  2. okstateguy18 said :

    I do know that for those type of scales to measure accurately, you have to be fully hydrated. They measure based on the assumption that your body is 70% water so if it isn’t then your results can be skewed. Unfortunately, I don’t know if over-hydration will cause it to go down or not.


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