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How do i lose weight the fast and dangerous way?

I’m 17, almost 6 ft tall and weigh 350 something and want to lose weight the American way, that is, the fast and dangerous way.

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11 Responses to “How do i lose weight the fast and dangerous way?”

  1. cristone_23 said :


  2. nikki p said :

    drugs 😉

  3. mybikeitgoreallyfast said :

    disclaimer: don’t listen to my answer. since it’s dangerous. and stupid.

    don’t eat. eat a block of cheese or some grapes when you feel dizzy. and run/walk a lot.

  4. me said :

    The fast and dangerous way to loose weight is called — SURGERY !
    (Just have the unwanted weight excised).

  5. theslayer666 said :

    after eating A NICE DELIGHTFUL MEAL stick you freaking arm down you throat and vomit till you pass out. you do this every single time after you eat. and you will get hella skinny

  6. Cucumber D said :

    stop eating bad food, “cookies, chocolate, chips etc.”
    start running everyday for at least 35 Min’s, “you don’t have to sprint” just go on a treadmill and go to ‘fat burning”. get a weight loss pill at Walgreen’s or the local GNC/ vitamin shoppe an get ‘hydroxycu hardcoret’ and use those, start limiting yourself to only 1500 calories a day. and when you eat throughout the day, eat more than just 3 meals. each 5-8 small meals instead of 3 big ones, this means that Ur not stuffed after each meal..spread out each meal every couple hours, stick to greens, u have to stick to it, u will NOT see noticeable changed in a couple weeks, this takes months. i would also start pumping iron in the gym. Other than the natural way, get surgery ‘ i don’t recommend liposuction or stomach shit’.. u have to have heart. good luck.

  7. BadBoy said :

    Atkins diet. Avoid all carbs. Eat all the meat, cheese, eggs, etc that you want. Guaranteed you will lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Keep it going. No sugar, potatoes, bread, pasta. Drink heaps of diet cokes. You will look & feel great in no time. Your kidneys won’t get screwed up for 30 years. Enjoy life while you can.

  8. Mrs.rob bourdon <3 said :

    don’t eat and stick ur fingers down ur throat lol

  9. lonely mime said :

    fine…. click this site:

    there, you happy? now answer my question seriously too.

  10. mansionghost said :

    try the baby Jack workout its easy and fun

  11. chrisssie_baby said :

    not all american diets are dangerous..but yeah.ost are.
    if you really want..
    stop eating. take diet pills. when you do eat, immediately puke it back up.
    That will make you lose weight.


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