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How do I lose belly fat if I am already a size 3?

I am only a size 3 but I have enough belly fat to make me look like I am 3-4 months pregnant. I wear low rise jeans so the fat is only in the belly. Crunches and sit-ups DON’T help at all. I can’t take any of the belly fat burners they sell over the counter, because they mess with my heart. I have heard that studies show women with belly fat have a higher risk of heart disease. My brother died at 29 of a massive heart attack. Heart disease already runs in the family. I want to lower my risk. HELP!!! I am skinny everywhere except my belly.
Like I said, I am skinny everywhere but my gut. No health probs, but certain drugs give me heart palpatations. I have awesome leg and arm muscles, and everyone says I don’t eat enough. So I don’t know what causes the belly fat. I don’t want to lose the weight, just the fat. I am not overweight by any stretch of the imagination. Can stress cause it? Thank you for the advise so far.

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16 Responses to “How do I lose belly fat if I am already a size 3?”

  1. Shit! Cops at the door! said :

    lose more weight, you need to lift weights so that you don’t just lose muscle

  2. omgblackmamba said :

    I think you have stomach tapeworms, they’re making yous stomach fat

  3. w1nnr said :

    give crunches and sit-ups another shot. That or liposuction.

  4. J-Dep said :

    well do u eat bad hah that might be the problemo eat good :] run running is the best thing you can do for your body that and swimming <3333 hope it helps

  5. elpasoblueyes said :

    Sit ups or crunches wont help, you need a balanced diet and a cardio work out. Try yoga or those step exercises, i can burn you a copy of the ones i have if youd like or give you the name of the dvd.

  6. Stoptheinvasion said :

    You make me sick.

  7. Rag Doll X said :

    Uh, You wear a size three and you claim you have belly fat?
    Okay…Well. I lost ALL my belly fat by cutting out carbs and SUGAR
    Sugar is your worst enemy. Splenda sweetens better than sugar and is harmless.
    Eat wheat bread, This seems hard at first because youre not used to it but once you cut out all other sugar it will be nasty to you, like a big lump of sugar fat :-& Cut out the sugar, high carbs, high fat, and high calorie and youll be utterly wonderfully healthy
    Hope I helped

  8. paw said :

    Get a tummy tuck

  9. Eurydice said :

    once you do 4500 situps then you can say they don’t work

  10. Aaron R said :

    First check with your primary care doctor. If (s)he clears you to exercise, you just need to get some cardio going. Ellipticals are excellent as they have no joint impact but great cardio benefit. You will notice your belly shrink!! Good luck!!

  11. maisie24 said :

    Dance, Shakira moves…. You need to go to a health club and do their stomach machines or get a ball and do crunches on that. Do the bike move…lay down, bring elbow to other knee, switch, keep switching. Get stomach workout videos. Hold 10 pound weights in each hand and lower one arm down to lower theigh and switch, to tone your hips/lower stomach. Good luck and happy exercising. Also, I’m sure crunches and sit-ups DO work, but you’ve got to do hundreds a day…. Make sure you really aren’t pregnant before you start to work out, you never know…

  12. Liesl said :

    Heres a site. It seems pretty interesting. I dont know if this helps!

  13. orange said :

    wow this is hard. I think it is a million dollar question. I think you have to build a little muscle so that you burn fat. Keep eating healthy, try pilates or other exercise to increase core body muscle strength, do some cardio to burn the fat, and lift some weights to build a little more muscle (you don’t need to look like a bodybuilder or anything). I think it just takes a lot more time to get rid of belly fat- especially if you’re already a size 3.
    Crunches and sit-ups don’t help burn the fat specifically at the belly, although they may help firm up the muscle underneath and make it look better.
    Stay away from those belly fat burners– there are issues with those medications.

  14. Pinky said :


  15. guesswhoohme said :

    I have this friend that has abs of steal and she says that she never goes to the gym and she never does sit ups or anything but she rides horses and she swears that riding horses is the only reason that she has her 6 pack…. you can always try that… or maybe try running.
    Running helps me. Oh what used to help me, but now I’m too lazy to do it, is Pilate’s. That always works for me. Like laying on the floor and lifting my legs up slowly. And then slowly down. There are many other exercises you can try.
    Have you ever thought that you might be doing the sit ups wrong. I found out I was doing them wrong and when I did them correctly it felt so much better. And honestly I felt it the next day.

    Hope this helped.
    Good Luck!

  16. Lorelai Casey said :

    Awww, first of all I’m sorry about you’re brother…I know exactly what you’re talking about–that whole “pretty much skinny everywhere, except for that lower gut.” And you are SO RIGHT–crunches don’t work for that!!! I had the same problem and I didn’t know what to do. Now, I’m not telling you to go on a serious diet, but how I got rid of that gut was by eating healthier. All I used to enjoy eating was fast food–french fries, Dr. Pepper–that was a meal for me. After reading an article in one of my magazines about eating healthier I decided to try it–I am going with fruits because I love them, and I am definitely cutting back on the eating out and candy. It works–I don’t know why, but my stomach seems to be getting flatter. So, I don’t know what more to tell ya, but you should try it!…the whole eating-healthy bit. It’s great and it makes me feel good too, without the whole exhaustion of exercising 😉

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

    Have a nice day!


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