How do i loose a large amount of weight by October?

i am 20 and 5’3. iv always been on the big side but now its gotten to its worst. im almost at 200lbs not good. i need to loose all my extra weight by the last week of october. im already eating healthy but i need something that will drop weight quickly. its my thighs.stomach. and backside especially( i have a naturally large J-lo butt. but with all this extra weight its HUGE) i want to look excellent for halloween in a great costume for my bf. can anyone suggest anything? something that has really worked for them? ( i need to loose at least 80 lbs)
yeah i already get on the treadmill for an hour alternating jogging and walking i do that everyday, im looking for like a booster or anything on top of the regular eat right and exersise

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4 Responses to “How do i loose a large amount of weight by October?”

  1. Animal Lover said:

    Well you are going to have to work out and get your heart rate going before you see any major changes in weight.
    Also talk to your doctor about a weight loss pill that will work for you.

  2. Lindsey said:

    It’s crucial to eat effectively to stay fit. Acai berry is an amazing super food which keeps you fit and in addition has the bonus of helping you to lose a load of weight. There is a free trial happening right now at , why not try it, why not?

  3. Renee said:

    you arent going to lose 80 lbs by october I would try for 20 but not 80 not going to happen you just have to keep eating right and exercise

  4. rhoadess said:

    Eat lots of fish, and lower your carbohydrate intake. If you eat any carbohydrates, let them be less than 15 grams a day, which is a small bowl of salad. If you do this I guarantee, you will loose weight, and loose it fast. I’ve seen people lose 1 pound a day on this diet, and that should get you down to what you want.


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