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How do i loose 30 pounds in one month?

Im going to california and im seeing all my family who is all skinny and active. im active but not skinny;( how do i loose weight quickly?

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7 Responses to “How do i loose 30 pounds in one month?”

  1. Mochi Ball said :

    Liquid diet, but I don’t think its really healthy, anyway look some up, and good luck

  2. Mathmatical Accuracy said :

    thats one pound a day… thats not happening. eat healthy and exercise, there isn’t any magic.

  3. always.l0ve said :

    the average amount of weight lost in a month (assuming that you’re eating healthy and working out) is 2 pounds per week.

    you could possibly lose 10 lbs, but 30 is just so unhealthy.

  4. gunz said :

    Slimfast, fruits, vegetables, P90X, run almost every day.

  5. Jackson L said :

    A low-carb high-protein diet along with exercising at least 3-4 times a week. I lost 19 lbs in 2 weeks and currently I’ve lost 32 lbs in a month in a half.

  6. Alibby said :

    Theres this diet called the 3 day diet, you lose 10 lbs in 3 days of 40 lbs in a month its healthy doctors and army officials use it. check it out, i swear its really actually healthy

  7. a e said :

    You most likely will not lose that much weight unless you become deathly ill, but you can certainly get half way to that goal, and do it healthfully. You need to set a realistic goal, like 10-15 pounds, and if you lose more than that, great. I’ll get to that in a minute. First of all, however, it’s extremely obvious that your number one concern is your self-esteem issue. You are not alone, almost every woman and many men in America can empathize with you. Anybody who quickly tries to change their appearance to impress others does so because they are insecure, and do not know how to feel good about themselves without the approval of others. This is not your fault, it is society’s, but it is your problem. So the very best thing you can do for yourself, literally, is learn (google it even) how to improve your self-esteem. You may be saying, “yeah right, whatever I don’t care about that right now,” but trust me, until you deal this problem you will not be happy with yourself and your life, period. That is why anorexics who are 70lbs will look in the mirror and think they are fat, because they do not have any self-esteem. Losing weight does NOT cause your self-esteem to go up, YOU do.

    Okay, now, I have studied health and nutrition for about 20 years, as I was an overweight and insecure kid. I played sports a lot, and got into really good shape that way, but didn’t find a way of eating that worked to keep body fat down until a few years ago. Forget weight watchers, diet drinks, diet pills, fad diets, even the master cleanse (lemonade diet) – although it is a good detox plan, its not a way of eating that you can pursue for long periods of time let alone your whole life. You need to find a way to eat that you can practice your whole life, not just for a month. The best I’ve found is the South Beach diet. Go buy the book (the blue paperback), take 2 hours and read it- it will educate you enormously on your metabolism and why your body stores fat the way it does, and then follow it to a T, and if you fall off the wagon, get right back on, even if you mess up once in a while, it will STILL WORK. The key is to keep working at it. It takes most healthy Americans years to figure out how to eat right for their body, and most Americans never do figure it out. Spend the 8 bucks for the book, the couple of hours to read it. And most importantly PLAN YOUR MEALS AHEAD!!! You will cheat and eat badly whenever you let yourself get hungry because you did not bring healthy meals and snacks with you. This diet really works, including for everyone in my family, you should lose about a pound a day for the first week or two. But do not think of this as something you can just do for a while and then go back to eating they way you used to. You (and the rest of us) were taught how to eat WRONG!! When you shop for groceries, forget anything that comes in a box, or that you buy in the middle of the grocery store. Vegetables, eggs, low-fat non-fried meats, cheeses, and for me, reasonable amounts of dark chocolate will become your diet. High fructose corn syrup and white flour are your enemies, you need to throw everything containing them out. Seriously- they are like little food-terrorists that will destroy your body.

    Next- get out and exercise. Even if you can only get yourself out to walk for 15 minutes a day, DO IT! Getting yourself out the door is #1 goal, as it is the hardest to accomplish, then just go! Walk, put your ipod on, ride your bike. Walking for 30 minutes is probably going to do you more good than jogging for 10. If you can only convince yourself to walk for 5 minutes, DO IT! The main thing is that you do it. The benefits from this will continue for a long time. It may take a month for the exercise effects to kick in, but they will boost your metabolism, and you will see how much easier it is to keep weight off in a month or two. If you want to really kick up your metabolism, lift weights or do weight bearing exercises. Muscle tissue burns fat tissue, so although gaining muscle may offset your scale weight losses, you will look and feel better, be stronger, and you will lose fat. Some weight bearing exercises you can do anywhere with just your body weight include push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, lunges, and squats.

    The very best way to get yourself to stick to your exercise plan is finding a workout buddy. Your friend, your mom, your boyfriend, or your dog – a person is preferred as they are more likely to keep you to your “workout appointment” or date.


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