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Loose last couple pounds?

So i dont need your opinions on crash diets i just need someone whos done one to tell me a crash diet i could do to loose a couple pounds quickly im a very busy person i eat well i exercise and everything and i cant seem to loose the last couple pounds and ive been working extra hard lately i want to loose them before halloween i have a really cute sexy costume that i want to look great in when me and my friend go out so please just how to crash diet or a really good way with out pills that will help me loose weight fast

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One Response to “Loose last couple pounds?”

  1. Stages said :

    The ast few pounds are stubborn.

    How old are you??

    If you are an adult, you could try cutting back – really cutting back – on sugar and starchy carbs for a week; concentrate on lean protein and veges and fruit. This is akin to what body bbuildersdo when they want to drop some water weight before a competition.

    After that some water may come back, so if you want to work on those last stubborn pounds, continue to cut out the sugar, cut back on alcohol, limit starchy carbs; do some cardio and take up strength training a couple of days each week.


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