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How do I get my son to stop smoking pot?

My son has been caught & now says he WON”T stop smoking pot !! I don’t know what to do !! I’ve grounded him & taken away the cell.

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9 Responses to “How do I get my son to stop smoking pot?”

  1. Sanrio90 said :

    How old is he? After 16 or so he’s going to do it regardless if anyone approves or not. Pot is actually less harmful than alcohol.

  2. [[♥]] said :

    call the cops
    && it wwill smack the since into him

    i nkow it would
    make me stop
    if i was him

  3. AuddieT said :

    I think his age has EVERYTHING to do with it. If he is still under 18, speak to the police about what needs to be done. If not, YOU could be charged with having drugs. If he is OVER 18, show him where the door is.

  4. laofmoonster said :

    Don’t bother arguing the health risks, since there aren’t very many.

    Instead, talk to him about drug laws, and what happens if someone with legal authority finds out. For example, drug charges can prevent him from getting federal financial aid for college (which I think is stupid, but that’s besides the point). If he’s getting the pot money by working, tell him that many workplaces give drug tests. In fact, some places are legally obliged to do so. If he’s getting the pot money as an allowance, just stop giving it to him. If you’re giving him lunch money in cash, don’t. I know some kids who hoard the money instead of buying lunch.

  5. De said :

    I’m 16, so I know you won’t base your decision totally on what I say. But give this some thought: he’s embarrassed, ashamed.

    He’s not going to tell you that, but he is. No one wants to get caught. Taking away his cell phone is just going to make him less likely to open up. Us teenagers love our phones as you’ve probably seen.

    Sit him down. Tell him you know he doesn’t want to talk about it, and you don’t either. Tell him you’re not disappointed in him as person and you’re not angry. Say that you’re hurt with the decision he made – he must have known you guys wouldn’t want that for him. Tell him you made stupid decisions when you were a teenager (maybe even tell him a story of when you did.) Tell him you regret it. Say if he wants to smoke pot, what you do clearly doesn’t have an impact. But let him know that it’s unsafe and he could get in worse trouble if someone else caught him. Just say that you love him and you’re trying to look out for him.

  6. Parahdoks said :

    Do this:
    -You’ll need a cop friend..
    -and the will power to smoke without getting addicted

    If he keeps doing it, pretend you’ve gotten a liking to the pot. Get a regular cigarette, take out the tobacco, throw away the roll, and roll the tobacco in some rolling paper he has. Take away some of his stash of weed to make it look like you took some for yourself, throw it away or something. And roll up the fake pot cigarette. Make sure your cop friend is near. Smoke the fake pot and the cop will come in and pretend to arrest you.You look at your son in guilt and the cop will ask you “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS!?”. You say “I bought it off the streets”. To pretend to defend your sond from being targeted by him. If your son has a guilt concience, he’ll blurt out that he’s taking the blame for having possesion of it. And it’ll scare the crap out of him enough to stop smoking.

  7. Kelsey N said :

    That’s easy try asking him about it then explaining how wrong it is and what can happen if he continues. Then since he already did it go for the spanking with a belt. Try to not leave a bruise that would be abuse unless if it’s a small almost unnoticeable bruise that would be fine. Try going to websites explaining more about spanking and what are some things you can use.

  8. [email protected] said :

    listen, you cant make him stop doing anything. it would be twice as bad if he was going out with his friends and getting drunk, or shooting up or anything basically other then pot but pot really isn’t that bad. if you relaly want him to stop there is a little something you can buy that you put under his car and it will tell you everywhere he went and you could call the cops on the dealer. but you have to give more information like how often he smokes because if he is a stoner, then thats bad but if he just occasionally smokes weed keep on letting him. another approach is that you can send him to something called wilderness theripy programs which really suck (ive gone and i would really know) but it really sets kids straight no matter what they are on or what they are doing but its really expensive. also you could just ground him or make him go everywhere with you or something.

  9. jimthesnowboarder said :

    There is nothing wrong with smoking pot. I am 21 and haven’t smoked pot since high school. There is nothing wrong with, the more you make it seem bad the more he is going to act out. You know pot smokers are the ones you see stereotypically on tv, they just act out. Honestly, if you offered to toke up with him, he would probably want to quit. If he sees you wanting to do it, i might make so uncomfortable that he wants to quit. You really should be happy he didn’t start drinking. Also, if you let him smoke grass at the high house, you wouldn’t have to worry about him getting arrested. Most 16 year olds are riding around in cars and its dangerous and high likelihood of getting caught.


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