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How can I get my sister to stop smoking?

My sister has been smoking for a long time, and she’s tried to stop SEVERAL times, but I was wondering what some ways you people stopped smoking, or what a good idea would be to help her stop? (She also lives with her smoking husband, and I want to help him stop too.)

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10 Responses to “How can I get my sister to stop smoking?”

  1. jinkacuzza said :

    Shoot them.

  2. Clay H said :

    Show ger pictures of the organs of smokers (esp. lungs) and read to her some statistics against smoking ( about deaths and illnesses), that should help.

  3. Ricardo B said :

    A good way to get someone to stop smoking, is to smoke one after another until you feel sick, this made someone I know quit, because they got sick just look at cigarettes.. just be careful if you do this

  4. Kristen said :

    You will never be able to get her to quit, she has to want to quit herself. Althought you can recomend gum or patches. I quit in less than a week using gum. Just support her and dont nag at her thats going to be the worst possible thing you could do.

  5. babystarr00 said :

    The only way shes going to stop is if she really wants to if she dont then there no way to help her. Some people just like smoking. I am a non smoker and i dont know why people like it i personaly think its gross but thats me. There are many ways to try to quit
    Just do it
    ect… hopefully she stops but like i said she has to want it

  6. lifen21 said :

    i agree with the above, she has to want to quit and it is very hard because nicotine is a very addictive, they say it is more addictive than heroin. don’t nag. also it will be very hard if she tries to quit and her hubby still smoking. i read an article that said that it takes an average of 7 attempts to quit smoking (some less and some more)

  7. khushi h said :

    if u want the stop smoking u can used the Medicine products more information about stop smoking products

  8. paul G said :

    I used to smoke about a pack and a half every day for about 6 years, and have tried numerous ways to quit. The patch in my opinion doesnt work, and niether does hypnotism. I took a pill called “Chantix” and that work really well. The pill binds to the receptors in the brain that nicotine attaches to releasing seritonin (a pleasure inducing horomone), leaving no room for the actual nicotine. This pretty much creates an effect on the same level of drinking but not being able to get intoxicated. In other words the user gets none of the pleasurable effects of smoking. But also the first three days of not smoking is getting over the side effects of smoking, the rest of the time is merely breaking the habbit (for most people this is the problem). Also, the person has to have the desire to quit, otherwise no method will help. Nagging about smoking and showing pictures of the damages of smoking will not help a person quit, most smokers find it rather anoying. Good luck hope your sister can quit!

  9. Joe N said :

    Kidnap and incarcerate her for a week.

  10. A.V. R said :

    I used to smoke 150 to 200 cigarettes a day. I did this for 10 years.

    I was so addicted that I would smoke even when having a meal. I would smoke if awake.

    In the early 60’s I even invented a gadget that would go on the end of a cigarette and permit me to smoke in the dark room as I was developing sensitive negatives used in science studies.

    All fingers and palm of my right hand were a dark black brown, as were the first two fingers of the left. When I cut myself while shaving, the blood used to smell of nicotine.

    I gave up one evening in March 67 and have not smoked since.

    The chapter on Habits in the American philosopher William James’ book:’Psychology’;

    The first report by the Surgeon General of USA linking smoking with various diseases (March 67);

    The report by the Royal School of Physicians (UK) (March 67) on smoking and health;

    The obituary by a Times correspondent about his own death directly

    attributed by him to smoking. The last words were:’It is too late for me. May not be for you’. He died three days later of lung cancer.

    All these, and a pitiless self analysis of the spineless way I allowed myself to be enslaved by this habit helped me kick the habit.

    As someone mentioned in an earlier answer, one has to do it oneself. No outsider can really help. The support, encouragement, and love of others will help in girding up the loins.

    One is alone in the actual giving up.


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