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how do i cut body fat while still gaining muscle?

I am 175 and have 14% body fat. I would like to drop to at least 10% body fat so that i can see abs. People say that you cannot cut body fat and gain muscle at the same time because the two goals require different caloric intakes (gaining requires excess and cutting requires deficit). There is a certain point of muscle building where i would like to stop, so should I reach my muscle building goal first and then focus on losing body fat? Or is there a way to do both simultaneously?

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3 Responses to “how do i cut body fat while still gaining muscle?”

  1. alex n said :

    When gaining muscle your body will use the fat to power it.

  2. adwoa said :

    Cut down on fatty foods whiles concentrating on the muscle building. Note that muscle building requires lots of eating but let your diet be lean

    Good luck

  3. st_al_xii said :

    Do cardio and muscle training at the same time. But dont do jogging or walking for cardio because that will take from your muscle gains. Do High intensity interval training as your cardio. That is doing sprints. For example jog 60 seconds then sprint 15, do that 6 times and you are set for cardio. Each week try to change it, you can up the sets, or raise the sprint time.


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