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How Do Herbs Help in Losing Weight?

Weight loss experts agree that the industry they belong is steadily becoming more popular, and thus, more profitable. Companies come up with pills or diets that promise excellent results in as little as a week, but the truth is much harder and more grounded: exercise is the best way to burn fat, and a good diet should be treated as a supplement only to your daily exercise regimen.

However, in recent years, new studies are emerging about the fat burning properties of some herbs. While these should not be taken to mean that eating these herbs in large quantities will solve your weight related problems on its own, these herbs are actually believed to increase the body’s metabolism so that your ideal weight can be achieved faster.

One of the most powerful fat burners is green tea. Studies that have been published in reputable journals conclude that those who have the habit of drinking 5 cups of green tea per day lost about 5% more fat than those who drank no green tea at all.

Another herb that has been gaining attention for its fat-burning qualities is the citrus aurantium, or bitter orange. These are usually available in stores that sell natural and organic food. Bitter orange is said to speed up an individual’s metabolism when taken as a food supplement. There are no known side effects for consuming bitter orange, which makes it ideal for those with heart problems that can be considerably exacerbated by other fat-burning herbs.

Dandelion is another much-discussed fat burner. It has been considered nothing more than a pest by gardeners, but it can actually help break down carbohydrates and regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Fluctuations in blood sugar are responsible for cravings. Cayenne also stimulates your body’s metabolism and speeds up digestion.

Some of the more popular herbs are harmful rather than beneficial. Herbal laxatives like buckthorn and senna, together with ephedra, does little more than increase your heart rate. For any concerns about the herbs that are safe for your body, consult your physician.

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