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How do celebrities lose weight so fast and keep it off?

how in the hell do celebritys lose so much weight so fast and keep it off?

Im willing to do what they are doing?

Anyone know?

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7 Responses to “How do celebrities lose weight so fast and keep it off?”

  1. parachutes77 said :

    just throw up after ever meal! works perfectly

  2. Thyena said :

    plastic surgery and personal trainers??

  3. Erin J said :

    They eat very little and exercise several hours a day. It is their job to look like that.

  4. Pretty_Girly101 said :

    they have personal trainers that they work with for like 3 hours everyday. They have a nutritionist or they just eat very healthy on their own. Mariah Carey eats only soup-ick, its very unhealthy. for the low-listers in hollywood, the ones you see on lifetime, they just eat healthy and workout ALL THE TIME! they run, they strength train, they dont eat unhealthily. and at the parties and stuff, they are fed healthy foods. They are always carrying around water, matthew mcconaughey runs all the time. it takes time, sometimes you dont see a celeb for a year and maybe they lost like 20 pounds-why? b/c they are healthy. can you help me with mine now?;_ylt=AghUloBX.CUTxO84EKi2UP_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090214104227AAlOdIn

  5. just smile ! ♥ said :

    they get personal trainers to force them to exercise and exercise and exercise like 8 hours a day everyday that’s i read in magazine and i forgot which celebrity said that though .. and they watch there diet like crazy

  6. Unknown.... said :

    Easy, it’s their JOB. They’re income depends on their appearance, if they don’t look good, they don’t get movie gigs. They have personal trainers, nutrition people and coaches telling them what to eat, what to do, and when to eat and workout.
    They can do it a lot faster because they have a professional team helping them and because that’s their source of income, thus they’re really motivated.
    If instead of having say an office job, your job was primarily to look good and you had an entire team to help you out, do you think you could do it?
    Of course!
    If you are a normal person who will deal with stress from work, financial issues and so on, you really don’t have the time or equipment to do it the way celebrities do. You probably have a job to go to, you don’t have 8 hours per day to spend with a personal trainer and nutrition coach.
    What you can feasibly do is get more active, include cardio training for heart health and weight training for overall strength and toning. Start eating smarter, with a healthy protein based and carb based item at each meal and several smaller meals per day. Keep track of what you eat, try to eat foods from the outer aisles of the grocery store, produce, meat and dairy. Any breads, cereals or pasta’s you eat should have at least 4 grams of fiber per serving.
    Then be patient, track your results, make changes as necessary and try to make it a lifestyle.
    What’s sad is that many celebrities keep losing and regaining because they set the bar way too high for themselves. Even they can’t keep it up with the trainers and coaches, they regain and have to lose it all again. It’s a lot healthier to set a reasonable goal you can actually achieve and maintain.

  7. happyjello said :

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