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How do I lose weight fast and keep it off?

I’m 13 and 5’3″ but I weigh 115 pounds. My goal is 90 as quick as possible. Tell me how I can lose the weight as quickly as possible and keep it off. PLEASE no comments saying “that’s not healthy!” or any of that bullshit. Thank you!

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7 Responses to “How do I lose weight fast and keep it off?”

  1. aPpLeS & oRaNgEs said :

    If you lose weight fast, you can’t keep it off.

    The only way to keep it off is to lose weight the healthy way, which is just a combo of cutting down on bad foods and increasing exercise. Sorry.

  2. Matt said :

    Well first of all im going to stat with the bullshit because you don’t want it. At 13 you shouldn’t be worried about dieting or your weight. But the best way to loose weight is exercise go to the gym! and also 90 pounds is very light for 13 for a guy, when i was 13 i was 140 and i wasnt fat..

  3. ♫Music Lover♫ said :

    OH how I wish I knew…. I’m 5’2 110 and trying so hard to get to around 90… Whenever I ask those questions I always get told that “I’m already below my healthy weight” and blah blah blah. But, I know a way to drop weight fast. Sure it’s unhealthy and get thumbs down for this but, all you have to do is completely cut out all breads pastas sweets etc from your diet and eat like less that 1000 calories a day. Also do cardio for an hour. It may not be the “right way” but it worked for me and I dropped 17 pounds in a month

  4. Sarah said :

    Ha you are me when I was in 7th grade. I was 110 and wanted to be 90 and I was 5 ft 2 1/2in. I was very successful in losing weight then but now I am in high school and I am trying to lose weight now too because I gained ALOT back lol. So basically you want to exercise alot and eat fewer calories. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables (NOT COOKED IN OIL) and protein! No nuts or fatty foods. Also limit sweets and deserts. Obviously you are already skinny enough but I know how you feel so I’m not gonna give you any of that crap. Also, try not to eat more than 1200 calories a day and drink a glass of water before each meal so you feel fuller. Don’t go to bed full and don’t eat after 8 pm. good luck!

  5. Nacho-Nick said :

    Do a forrest gump lol

  6. Bush Tucker said :

    2. Things
    Willpower & Wont power
    Wont eat Junk food
    Wont drink soda’s
    Will Exercise everyday

  7. Courtney Griffith said :

    I searched online and found this amazing thing that makes you lose 12 Ibs in one week and its healthy. Go to a henrys and get acai berry vitamins and get colon cleans. Research it first if you dont believe me or dont know how to use it.


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