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How can I reduce fat only around my belly and hips and not overall?

I have read somewhere that it’s not possible to do spot reduction with regards to weigh/fat loss. During weight loss we loose weight overall rather than specific to a particular region. Is this true? I have a thin frame hence when I go on a diet spree or weight loss program I tend to loose fat at other places like shoulder,arms etc which make me look leaner/thin. Please help me with any suggestions!

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5 Responses to “How can I reduce fat only around my belly and hips and not overall?”

  1. radarluv2842 said :

    If you want to do this, you need to do bend overs and side bends. For at less 30 mins. in the morning, 30 mins. in the afternoon and 30 mins. in the evening! And, there you go you should see improvement with-in 2 weeks!

  2. mark said :

    Yes, I am afraid it is 100% absolutely true!
    No matter what anyone tells you, you cannot target an area to lose fat on. If you did a million sit ups you may well lose weight on your tummy but that would only be because of the calories you burned whilst doing them NOT the exercise itself and you may lose the fat somewhere other than on your tummy.
    Genetics/your body decides.
    On a brighter note: At some point in your weight loss program you would start to lose the weight on your belly and hips. You just need to persevere and eventually your body ‘gets round’ to targeting the areas you wished it had targeted earlier.

  3. Brian F said :

    No you can not spot reduce one area of your body. You can do some moderate weight training in shoulders and arms and you won’t look to lean.

  4. casamack said :

    There is a misconception that you can target fat loss in different parts of the body. In reality, the body breaks down fat evenly across the whole body. This is good, because when you reach the correct weight, there will not be bits of you that are too fat and bits that are too thin.

    There are many types of diets around, from the low carb variety, such as the Atkins diet, to diets that require you to control your calorie intake, and those based on the Glycemic Index, GI diet, and variations in between.

    In reality, the best diet is one that does not require checking food labels, counting calories, buying diet pills or eating something you don’t like, and works naturally.

    If you really want to lose weight for good look into the following link which gives you a solution which is really easy to follow and becomes a way of life, rather than just a diet. Don’t follow the link if you don’t want to lose weight.

  5. chitra said :

    my age is 22. i have a tummy. iam doing treadmill everyday for 1 hour. actually how can i reduce it and my thighs also.
    pls reply to me in my e-mail id


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