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How can I lose fat from my arms and abs?

Ok, im 15, 5’7 130 lbs, Im really skinny/musclar but I do have a bit of fat covering my abs (I can see like the shadow of them) and small fat around my arms, I do workout and drink water but it dosent seem to be helping.. What should I eat and what should I Not eat and what should I do? I want to define my body fast?

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4 Responses to “How can I lose fat from my arms and abs?”

  1. ÄãºÃ said :

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  2. ENIGMA VS MYTH said :


  3. Elaina G said :

    Do sit ups, and cruches every day.

  4. Charles L said :

    You can exercise and eat right. You don’t weigh very much (in my opinion). Sometimes, a lot of things can be genetically inherited. So you have to work with what God gave you. But keeping exercising(weight training and cardio) and eat healthy.


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