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How can I lose the fat from my arms, breasts & ass?

I know how to lose fat from certain areas of my body like from my face, stomach, thighs, and legs. But I find it so difficult to lose weight from the areas in my body that carry fat the most like my arms, breasts and ass. Any NATURAL way or tip how I can lose weight from these areas?

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3 Responses to “How can I lose the fat from my arms, breasts & ass?”

  1. Barry in Seneca said :

    Breasts are mostly fat.. but for whatever reason, we love ’em. And when the fat goes, so does the attitude… keep them pointing to the stars.

    Losing fat: Eat less calories. Exercise more. Building muscle (especially large muscles like legs) helps you burn energy faster.

  2. ~Bad mj romance (RIP BM)~ said :

    you gotta work out those areas of your body either by weight lifting, sit ups, or push ups. And trust me. Its not gonna be easy. You gotta dedicate time and be patient cuz its not gonna get fit over night. Those are areas where fat tends to store the most esp in women.

  3. Kaylyn said :

    To lose weight from your chest do push ups, they will help tone your entire chest area. For your arms do some lifting with free weights, such as arm curls and raises. For your *** do lungs, especially with a medicine ball.Also doing kicks like in kick boxing will also hope tone that area up.


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