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How can I lose alot of fat in a few weeks?

Well I have 3 weeks till school starts and I know I dont have alot of time but still I do HIIT and I dont eat fatty fooods like chips, burgers, an stuff liike that. Please im trying to lose a few inches off my stomach and also Im not even fat Im thick and I want to get into the slender so please give me some help on how to lose fat.

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3 Responses to “How can I lose alot of fat in a few weeks?”

  1. Lovesick Criminal said :

    Exercise + Healthy Food + Crunches = Great Success

  2. Jameson said :

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  3. Georgia W said :

    Hi there! Well what I would do is this. First I would start off with making sure I drink a lot of water. A) because it’s good for you but B) it will flush yuckies out of your system and keep you hydrated. Plus water is just good stuff for you anyway. I would make sure I ate a small brkfst even if it was a banana, or a half of english muffin or a piece of toast. Something small to get your metabolism going in the morning. This is important. I would eat a small or decent size lunch and my dinner would not be after 6pm at night. At what ever time is good for you I would exercise for a half hour or so and concentrate on about 200 crunches, and that’s not to start. Do like 10 one day and then up it some and then do that until you are up to 200 crunches within a week. Also I would go for brisk walks. Walking is good for you and it will do two things – help with exercise and it will help clear your mind from a stressful day. I bet by following these tips you could easily lose 10 lbs by the time you go back and that’s not saying it couldn’t be more. I guess it depends on how well disciplined you are. Let me know how you turn out! Good luck to you, I wish you the best!


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