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How can I keep fit this summer?

I hope you guys are planning a great summer. I really want to get fit this summer and tone down thighs, calves, and upper arms. Dropping a couple of pounds could be great as well.
What exercises can I do to tone thighs, calves and upper arms.
Also, what vegetarian foods can I eat to keep fit?
Thanks 🙂
Megan, yes I am really vegetarian.

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3 Responses to “How can I keep fit this summer?”

  1. Megan R said :

    There is a yahoo group that has helped me out so much. I’ve lost 15 lbs already. The owner is very smart. Military and very into fitness. Check it out. The group has workout programs to choose from. As far as getting your body to tone in specific areas, it wont work. You just gotta workout and when it comes off wherever thats it. Are you a vegetarian? The reason I’m asking is because if your not you dont just have to eat veggies to keep fit. Your body does need some meat too. If you are a vegetarian, then there is the food pyramid and you can look into what you portions you need daily, you can just ignore the meat part. Hope this helps.

  2. Beaudacious247 said :

    If you go to a gym the best thing to do is the elliptical machine. I have noticed significant weight loss in my legs. Running will also help you to establish definition as well. My best secret to weight loss is to avoid anything that is white. This is not always practical but, it has worked for me. Hope that helps. Also squats are good to do as well. Just don’t overdo it the first day or the next day will be bad for you. Try doing like five sets of five and ad one rep to the set every day. Good luck

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