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How can I diet and exercise with illnesses that prevent me from doing so?

I am a fifteen almost sixteen year old girl, and I want to start loosing weight. I am 5’4″ and weigh almost 190 pounds (though people think I am lying because they say I look about 150). I am determined to lose this extra flab and I have even started a nice, healthy diet, but it is difficult for me.

First off, I have a bad combination of acid reflux disease and developing Crohn’s Disease, and lactose intolerance that prevents me from eating some food that would be good for me, but gives me nausea and “stomach problems” to put it lightly.

Also, I have anemia and a very bad case of asthma (I cant walk from one end of out tiny school to the other without taking my inhaler) these prevent me from getting enough excercise because I quickly become weak and my chest tightens and I double over coughing.

I am not blaming my illnesses for being overweight, but they get in the way of me getting healthy. Please help! What should I do?

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7 Responses to “How can I diet and exercise with illnesses that prevent me from doing so?”

  1. Brittany said :

    See a nutritionist. They would help you better than we can

  2. sosad said :

    talk to your doctor, he/she should be able to better suggest a workout routine for you, also ask to be referred to a good dietician

  3. WE said :

    You need to see a Dr. and also a nutrionist who work together and share your records to get you on the right diet. They can also help you with the right exercise plan. There are lactose free milks, such as Mootopia, and other dairy products.

  4. rlc_60504 said :

    Talk to your doctor about your goals and your challenges. See if he can either make recommendations or point you to somebody that can help you.

    It’s going to take baby steps. The pain that you feel or the symptoms that you feel when you do certain things are feedback from your body telling you not to do more. Listen to your body.

    Good luck.

  5. folladj said :

    No matter what you have, you’re body will never object to cutting down on junk food like sodas and chips and cookies. Also, eat plenty of fresh produce and any healthy foods that don’t make you sick. As for the ones that do, talk to your doctor or even a dietitian about substitutes for those foods.

    As for exercise, have you tried pilates or yoga? They require slow, deep breathing and I don’t know if that would cause problems, but if you don’t think it would, I would give those a shot. Also, strength training will be very beneficial. Find a routine (I’m sure there are lots of info online) and do that a few times a week).
    Being healthy isn’t about perfection, so just do the best you can. Good luck!

  6. Andee said :

    I have a collection of illnesses also. As far as food goes, your main goal is the number of calories you take in rather than the exact food you eat. With Crohn’s and lactose intolerance I know you’re limited, but still you know which foods you are able to digest. Count your calories and set your intake at about 1800 calories per day.

    Exercise. This is where I am terribly limited. One problem I have is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the energy in my muscles deplete quite fast, so my exercise is minimal. Even though exercise is limited, there are still things we can do to get muscles in shape. It is toned muscles that burn calories the best. I can’t go for walks and jogs, so I have to do other stuff. I have a mini-tramp and an exercise ball–one of those big ones to sit on. I stand on my mini-tramp and just bounce lightly as minimal as I can handle. Even though it is minimal, I’m still burning calories and gradually toning muscles. I also sit on my exercise ball and bounce. It’s also minimal, but I’m still moving and burning calories. I also do stretches and toning exercises like leg lifts. I just do the amount that my body will allow me. If you’re not familiar with the different stretches and toning exercises, I’m sure you can find an exercise video that shows them. I also take amino acid/protein supplements. They help firm up muscles and make them stronger.

    It’s difficult to have such limitations, but you have to do what you can even if it’s minimal. Even if you can only do a bunch of stretching, it still helps. You may want to look into getting a Yoga tape or video. I’ve done Yoga before, also. There’s Pilates also. I’m not familiar with Pilates, but I know it doesn’t involve walking, jogging, and jumping– the stuff that can make you collapse. So, check out some exercise videos and find one that you can suit to fit your limitations.

    Good luck! Have fun with it and don’t get discouraged!

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