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Diet or Exercise For A 14 Year Old (5′ 10″)?

Hi im 14 years old boy, turning 15 in may. I am 180 lbs. and 5′ 10”
i feel like i am over weight. and i look it too.
is there any good suggestions how to quickly loose weight or any good diet plans for people like me? i live in a really busy city so i cant really go jogging or anything like that. is there any inside exercises or anything that would help me? please don’t criticize or give me any stupid information like “eat healthy and exercise” because i know that -_- thanks guys 🙂

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8 Responses to “Diet or Exercise For A 14 Year Old (5′ 10″)?”

  1. Felicia B said :

    join a sport program:basketball,soccer,baseball,football,cross country.
    OR OR crunches or pushups!

  2. Ben D said :

    stupid info? people don’t realize it, but losing weight is as easy as eating healthy and exercising… there’s no secret.

    eat healthy and exercise. if you can’t jog, but a jump rope and do that for 1 hour a day

  3. Reese A said :

    Eat smaller meals but more frequently
    do some body weight exercises (push ups, sit ups, triceps dips)
    Weight train
    aerobic cardio.
    Eat healthier and no junk food

  4. silverbullet said :

    At your age, school sports is your best bet. Track should be starting up when you go back from break. Even if you’re not that good, track is usually a no-cut sport. If that’s not possible, look into the local YMCA or Park district. Exercise is always easier if you’ve got a coach and teammates to keep you motivated.

  5. Joey C said :

    wow your 5’10 and 180 and ur 14? join a basketball team.

  6. Missy K said :

    Join a gym. Or save up money to buy some exercising machines. You could also do crunches, push ups, sit ups, jump rope, ect

  7. Awesome A said :

    ok, you do not have to go on a diet and count calories or anything like that but, if it looks greasy and fatty don’t eat it. you don’t hae to look up how much fat is in it or anything like alot do. but basically if a doctor wouldn’t recommend it, don’t eat too much of it. try having smaller meals more frequently. anda salad every once in a while doesn’t hurt either. try to avoid fast food and what not.

    commit to doing 5 push ups, crunches, and other exercisess one day. then do 7 the next. and then 10, and then 14. then 17 then 20.

  8. Haleygirl said :

    its true that you can do all those things but if you want to keep your weight loss cheap just cut out sweets, eat only 75% of whats on your plate and do in home exercises. you could do small exercises when you watch tv or even brush your teeth.


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