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Is it possible to gain muscle from doing only walking exercise, and steps climbing exercises daily?

I have been doing regularly walking and steps climbing exercises daily from more than 2 months, is it possible to gain muscle by following this type of daily regimen?

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7 Responses to “Is it possible to gain muscle from doing only walking exercise, and steps climbing exercises daily?”

  1. someone1sth3r3 said :

    Yes, but not enough that you could tell. but as you are hearing from everyone on here that muscle weighs more than fat… they are right and wrong. Muscle does weigh more, but not by much at all. Example; If you were to a 4 cubic inches of fat, and the same cubic inches of muscle, the muscle will only way more than the fat by .02 pounds. because of the density. which a slab that size of fat would way about 1 pound.

  2. Zipfly said :

    The answer you don’t want to hear: YES but in such little amounts on your legs that nobody will notice.

    The best way: Go to the gym, and get a trainer to design a program for you to follow.

  3. farraj said :

    You mean gain muscles in your legs or whole body?

    Walking won’t do anything. You can gain muscles in your legs with step climbing if:
    1- It’s intense enough to stimulate your legs to grow.
    2- You eat enough food for your muscles to grow on (Your adding muscle weight here. What did you think the muscles grow on? :P)

    Go here to check how much you are suppose to eat:

    Add 500 cal to it and you are set (500 cal a day = 3500 cal a week = 1 lbs a week)

    Aim for 1-2 lbs a week. 10 lbs a month is still good. Any more and you will be adding fat to your body alongside your muscles.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers 🙂

  4. serendipity said :

    Walking is great cardio exercise and is low impact on the joints and bones. Stair climbing will develop muscle tone on your calves, thighs and butt, but that will be about all.
    Consider carrying hand weights while you walk, they help you to burn more calories and develop muscle in the arms, shoulders, stomach and back.

  5. Toning Girl said :

    Not really becos cardio exercise (like climbing and walking) focuses on working on your heart muscle and hiking up your metabolism to higher levels (for you to have the ability to burn off excess fat from your entire body, to lose the fat and the weight); not so much on building muscles.

    For muscle building, you should throw in strength-training exercises for all your major muscle groups. This exercise not only firms, sculpts and defines but also help build beautiful lean muscle mass (not bulky ones) into your body.

    I’ve a whole body strength-training routine which does just that:

    Try it out!

  6. Bianca B said :

    There are things you really have to do to gain muscle. Check this out for exact information about these things –—Force-Factor

  7. Yours Truly said :

    very little. start a proper exercise program of 30 minutes cardio on a treadmill or something and 30 minutes strength training if you want to build muscle. get a gym prof or someone to guide you. Or join a sports group.


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