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how can a 15 year old guy lose belly fat and love handles fast?

im 15 , male. just gotta bit of stomach fat, and some love handles, but thats it. i have some fat on my neck as well. i dont have a gym membership, but i got dumbbells at home, i think i found a muscle building routine on the internet, which is good. K, i erally wanna lose this belly fat before sept 2_ school stars, or before thast would be preferred. i have a huge hil behind me, thats tiring just by walking up and leaves everyone breathless, should i go up every day?, and how many times in order to lose fat fast? also, whats an intense ab routone that ican use to burn my belly fat fast? also, what else should i do in order to get rid of this fat fast?

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8 Responses to “how can a 15 year old guy lose belly fat and love handles fast?”

  1. Jack Zeppelin said :

    Playing drums got me to lose 15 kilos in 2 months.

  2. Adam said :

    It’s all about diet. In the absence of carbs your body burns fat. Cut out all your carbs except green vegetables. Eat plenty of meat and eggs.


    Eat nothing but vegetables and nuts and cheese and maybe a couple eggs a day.

  3. Tisk M said :

    build muscle which is what your doing and arn’t you in highschool? use ur highschool gym to workout when you go back. This is comming from somone who lost 40 pounds since grade 9 (210 – 170(im in grade 10 now)) . Also when you workout muscle groups your body tends to take fat to fuel muscle from the nearest source so if you train your abs and obliques you’ll loose tummy fat.

  4. a. lo said :

    Just go jogging. It’s simple, and works.

  5. Angela said :

    Ab workouts would get rid of belly fat. Just look some up on the internet. Good luck 🙂

  6. Marie said :

    You can’t use weight training or ab workouts to lose belly fat. You have to run, since that’s cardio. That’s the fastest and most effective way to lose fat. It is going to suck in the beginning, but you will see progress very quickly. Try to run a mile a day. Time it. It literally takes about 10 minutes out of your day at the most to do that. If you could do a mile in the morning and evening, you’ll see amazing progress. Work up to two or three miles a day if you can. The more you run, the better results you’ll see.

    Drink plenty of water and focus your meals around veggies. You can have your cheeseburgers and whatever, but if you make sure your body gets lots of water (liquid and through foods with high water content), you’ll set yourself up to lose more fat quickly.

  7. trackster615 said :

    Do cardio, run, try high plank and low plank exercises(works your abs like crazy) and here is a website where you can buy work out videos that will give you great results, or there are others on beachbody that will help a lot, hope this helped!

  8. Cute said :

    Get a membership at the the gym, or buy P90X.


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