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Homecoming in two weeks; how do I lose weight fast?

Okay, life sucks (I’m depressed), I’m not exactly fat but I’d like to shed a little tummy and thigh weight before homecoming.

I’ve been trying to go pro-vegetarian, (I did before for a health project and lost 10 pounds in two weeks) but I’ve been so down lately I haven’t had the willpower to do it.

I’d rather not resort to an eating disorder, but I have before and I will again if I have to. I know it’s unhealthy.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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10 Responses to “Homecoming in two weeks; how do I lose weight fast?”

  1. Cinderella said :

    No red meat. No soda. No fast food. Anything else is basically okay… and exercise!!! If you run for those two weeks, and do sprints twice a week, your legs well get a LOT better!!

    Shedding tummy… running can do that, but what works better is sit ups, push ups, and ALSO… do everything with your ab muscles tightened. Like everything. Even if you’re sitting down and all, make sure your ab muscles are tightened. It actually helps!

  2. eacync20 said :

    Just stop eating.

  3. Meg said :

    To me, it sounds like your problem has less to do with needing to lose ten pounds and more to do with depression. Have you considered talking to your parents about seeing a mental health professional for some help? Not having the energy or desire to take care of yourself is one of the primary symptoms of depression.

    One thing that might address BOTH your problems (depression and weight loss) is to make yourself start exercising, even if you don’t feel like you have the energy for it. Regular exercise has been proven to be effective at combating depression, and we certainly know it’s part of the equation for losing weight.

    One way to motivate yourself is to just make yourself get up and go for a brisk walk at a set time every day. Take a watch with you and tell yourself that if after ten minutes, you still hate doing it and feel too tired or miserable to want to continue, you’ll just give in and go home. More often than not, you’ll get to the ten minute mark and realize you COULD keep going for another ten — or even another twenty. If you took a brisk 30-minute walk every day, most days of the week, your health, body image, and energy levels would all improve radically. It’s worth a shot, especially if you don’t feel like you can (or want to) see a mental health counselor right now.

    Hang in there!

  4. Billy Talent said :

    Eat smaller portions. Walk at the local park. Go Jogging!!

  5. elf said :

    I’ve lost 10 lbs in 10 days but that’s only because i have been eating less than 500 calories a day and going back to some of my old anorexic habits.

  6. Tarie N said :

    Low-carb, veggie heavy (NOT!!! Atkins meat and cheese fest). Baked meat and low glycemic vegetables (ie. green ones, tomato, NO carrots, beets or corn) Drink lots of water and walk a minimum of thirty BRISK minutes a day. The value of this is if you do it right and don’t cheat, you don’t have to starve yourself. In fact you can all but eat as much as you want, if you follow low-carb, veggie heavy well. six small meals are FAR better than three big ones. Fifteen minutes of aerobic exercise first thing in the morning and last thing before bed is IDEAL!!!

  7. C B said :

    I swim every night and exersice in the morning before school. We work our butts off. if you have a gym membership then go to the gym and do tons of cardio and just swim laps back and forth for about two hours a day if you can. You will lose weight and have a little more muscle.

  8. M. Sharapova said :

    Only eat raw foods….

    if its





  9. Shelby B said :

    Drink lots of water ! Water, Water and more water. Eat every two to three hours, like six small meals a day, of veggies and 2 oz. of white chicken, turkey or fish. A small fruit in there and if you want …add a small amount of carb when exercising, that will be good. Very important…no salt or sodium, no sugars, diet soda’s have lots of sodium, eat fresh, cook at home. You could lose 15 or more pounds in 5-7 days and lots of inches just taking the salt out of your diet. This works, I’ve done it.

  10. Tre2 said :

    Motivation is the hardest part I know but stay strong…Good luck!!!


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