Help with calories and or fat loss?

According to my calorie burner calculator I just burned 400 calories jogging/running outdoors. That being said, I ate a subway sandwich that had 355 calories. My question is did the calories from the sandwich go back to my body after burning it or did I still lose weight even after eating the sandwich? Also, what counts in fat when you eat, calories, fat grams or choestoral? Thanks.

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  1. god1oak said:

    You need to take into consideration all of the calories you eat during the day, not just one meal. If you are an average size guy, and are fairly active you need about 1700 calories a day. So, if you count up all the calories you consume during the day and compare it to 1700, you are closer to a better comparison.

    You should count calories, not fat grams or cholesterol.

    My advice is to exercise as much as possible (at least 4 times per week for an hour) and only drink water for 80% of your fluids. If you do just these two things, it will help a lot.


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