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juice to help with fat loss?

i want to lose about 15 pounds for prom, im 5’1 and weigh about 110 pounds. i started exercising daily and i was wondering if i eat 2 meals that consist of fruits, veggies, and fish every day, along w/ orange juice and tomato juice will i lose some fat?? does anybody my size have any tips??? thanks!

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4 Responses to “juice to help with fat loss?”

  1. Ally said :

    If your really want to lose weight and lose it fast along with having a good heart, then eat a whole bunch of dark chocolate. Along with eating chocolate, do about fifty sit-ups just before going to bed… You’ll be skinny and beautiful in no time. You should drink orange juice and tomato juice to help. But also eat healthy.

  2. Tygerflower said :

    Vegetable juices w/o sodium or very little sodium are the best. Check some of the clinical weight loss websites. Fruit juices contain sugars which turn to fat. Veggie juice is better b/c it’s natural and it digests faster… energizes and keeps you regular…. : ) You drink it and it all comes out easy… LOL Good luck

  3. electronsrdope said :

    go there… type in your measurements, don’t listen to the thing that says “Extreme Fat loss”, its 1000 calories under your needs and a bit excessive, especially if your younger. i would suggest listening to the number right above it that says ” fat loss”

    um don’t listen to the first girl who answered you, losing weight isnt as easy and she makes it sound but if you keep it up you’ll see fantastic results.

    also most fruits and vegetables should not be counted toward your daily calorie intake. but u should eat them nonetheless, because of fiber and it serves as good appetite suppressor. some fruits should be counted, i.e apples and bananas.. but still eat them only in moderation

    On the topic of fruit juice, just drink water. normal fruit drinks have a lot of bad sugars that really do need to be eaten, stick with water and drink plenty of it.

    run, don’t trouble your self with ab work outs, or feel bad if you missed one. just run.

    in conclusion.. i wasn’t expecting to type this much.. your going to have to add calories, from what you told us the only substantial thing your eating is fish which i assume is MAX 200 calories and twice a day 400 calories?….. ull be starving yourself and hindering your progress, eat food with fat protein and carbs in all of ur meals.

    o and dont buy into that no carb BS, carbs are awesome!

    good luck.

  4. IUY said :

    The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight has Nothing to Do With Your Will-Power, Over-Eating or the Right Diet! . The Reason You are Fat and Unhealthy is Because You Have Disgusting Plaque and Horrible Little ‘CRITTERS’ Living in Your Guts


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