Has anyone tried the Alli tablets/diet to Lose weight?

i’m thinking fo doing this but are they worth it, Im good at dieting, but do they really make any difference?

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7 Responses to “Has anyone tried the Alli tablets/diet to Lose weight?”

  1. King Julien said:

    Yes they do. But they destroy everything in your body. It destroys your liver/kidneys and can cause heart attacks. It can also damage the lining of your stomach.

  2. pinkfairies77 said:

    No. I tried them and they made me poop alot!! It sucks becasue everytime you eat you will have to go. That’s how you are loosing weight with Alli it cleans out your stomach which i think is bad!

  3. Tamart said:

    Check with your GP before you start the you have not any other health problems that mat be aggravated by Alli method.

  4. Jan said:

    They might for a time, but the best way to lose weight is to find a healthy eating plan that you can stick to and get regular exercise. I think any kind of pill is not the answer to long lasting weight loss and wellness.

  5. . said:

    i saw a review of Ali on the Tv and basically it just makes you go to the toilet more to get rid of excess fat which isnt pleasant.. people said that they suddenly just had to goo =S which could be embarrassing
    plus, you can only get it if your bmi is too high and you are classed as overweight

  6. Dr Frank said:

    Though quite successful in controlled drug company trials Xenical/orlistat, which is twice the dose of Alli is very disappointing in the community. Like most people who try them you will not lose much weight. You would however get diarrhoea, foul smelling liquid stool, abdominal cramp, occasionally faecal incontinence and wind. To lose weight you eat a little less and increase your exercise.

  7. Elisabeth said:

    You might not believe this, but if you stick to a healthy dietary habits by eating small meals throughout the day like every 3 hours, protein shakes and copious amounts of water you will lose body fat and maintain size. Things like bread and pasta should be kept to a minimum, they are still needed and are good if you need that extra energy to get through a workout. Just don’t over do them! Losing muscle mass occurs when you are on a ‘diet’ that denies your body the nutrients needed to sustain strength. You can also take some of the supplements on this site to help speed up your weight loss. http://loseweight.thespeak.info


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