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Good persuasive piece of writing for stopping smoking?

What are some good statements which will persuade people to stop smoking?
What do you think about my title for my article?
Say No To CANCER Sticks!!
Any other suggestions please?

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2 Responses to “Good persuasive piece of writing for stopping smoking?”

  1. Rhonda said :

    Visit your local hospital. Tell the public relations director what you are doing. See if they have a lung cancer patient who might be willing to be videoed to discuss the ramifications of smoking.

  2. cyn said :

    cancer,smell,ill health for others,asthma,copd(and related illness’s),looks bad,peer pressure,money,addiction,interferes with some medicines working to their full potential,loss of taste and smell
    I’m not sure about your title because it seems to concentrate more on the cancer part then on any other negative aspect of smoking.
    Good luck,hope this helps


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