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Getting fit for boxing?

I intend to get fit for boxing but first I need a few things.

What weight would it be ideal for me to be at? I’m male, 17 yrs & 6 foot, currently 136 lbs. Would it be wise for me to try and gain weight as I’ve recently been attempting.

How should I best try to gain muscle?

What equipment will I need to use and what workouts would be good? I don’t mind if they are really intense – I am looking to get super-fit.

And is there any specific dietery plan that can help me? What should calorie intake etc be if that matters?

I am starting from scratch and haven’t properly exercised in a while but I really want to get fit. I dunno if that makes any difference.

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2 Responses to “Getting fit for boxing?”

  1. alan s said :

    You must be very thin at 136, i’m 6 ft 3 and I weigh 176lbs and still consider myself lean.

    ITs not necessarily about being big to be good at boxing, you need great cardio and endurance and the ability to take a dig. Think, if you stay at 136, a lot of the people you fight will be smaller than you, giving you a fantastic reach advantage!

  2. Great B said :

    Gain weight? Wtf? Not at all
    2 km run
    3 rounds of 3 minutes heavy bag
    3 rounds of 3 minutes floor to ceiling
    3 rounds of 3 minutes speed ball
    3 rounds of 3 minutes shadow boxing
    5 minutes skipping.


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