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Some tips on getting really fit?

I’m starting to really get into fitness and I wanted some tips to help me out. I’m not overweight and never have been. I regularly exercise with weights and do cardio, but I really want to build some muscle (not too much though) Any foods or specific workouts that would work?

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3 Responses to “Some tips on getting really fit?”

  1. Ltcnuno said :

    I started to work out just like a month ago, not because im fat or anything haha 😛 but just to be healthy and fit 🙂

    I jump rope till i get tired, about 200
    Then i do some situps till i get tired about 40
    pushups, about 25
    and then i go jog with my buddy
    oh and i also lift a pair of 20 pnd dumbbells, 10 reps each arm

    dont really work yourself so hard besides its just to feel better
    🙂 oh and since i started working out i drink more water, I TRY not to each alot of sweets like Twinkies and cookies, and I dont drink as much soda as i used to. And i know people will start talking about calories and bla bla bla, but the truth is, if you dont stuff yourself everyday with cake and fats youll be okay 🙂 you dont want to starve yourself! counting calories ahh its too much! haha DX

    SO i hoped this gave you an idea 🙂

    OH OH, Also! i do this for like and hour, hour 30 every day for 5 days a week

  2. eye said :

    hi you might want to try it has a lot of free workouts to do. i have been doing the workouts for a little over 2 weeks and i can tell that i have gotten stronger by doing the workout.

  3. rebelwithacause said :

    Sounds like you’re already on the right track, Anna. If you want more muscle, you should work with heavier weights, perhaps concentrating on major muscle groups by doing squats, bench presses, barbell rowing, etc.

    Of course, start with weights you can comfortably handle and slowly build up to heavier ones. If you’re working with free weights, ask someone to “spot” you. Don’t hurt yourself.

    I favor a vegetarian diet for keeping the weight down, while providing plenty of protein to build muscle. I don’t buy into the whole protein-loading bit — everything I have read (and I’m talking books by scientists, not muscle mags) talks about the danger of too much protein, much of which just gets excreted by the kidneys. Overworking the kidneys can cause kidney stones, due to a high protein diet of meat and dairy.

    A couple other advantages to a vegetarian diet or almost-veg: You don’t have to count calories. Just eat until you’re satisfied.

    The other advantage is that if you go on a very low-fat, no oil vegetarian diet, you will lose fat under your skin, which will make you look more defined. So many young people look so rounded from eating so much fast food, pizza, chips, dairy products, and the like.

    Check out the links for recipes, inspiration, and some science of why this is a better way to eat.

    To your success!


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