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fastest way to remove fat loss?

i was wondering what would be the fastest way to losing fat? also what kind of foods should you be eating for maximum effect? and how fast should you be running and for how long?

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7 Responses to “fastest way to remove fat loss?”

  1. yahooanswers said :

    lipo suction.

  2. tarekfarel said :

    Lipo, but I wouldn’t go that way.

    Health wise, i’d quit refined foods, anything with honey or white sugar, soft drinks, fast food, anything bagged…etc.

    Eat 5-6 small meals a day and excercise.

  3. littlegypsy said :

    I’ve lost 11kg in 12 weeks, going to gym twice a day, but all up I run 40 minutes a day (half uphill) 200 situps and 6 x 15 arm weights.
    Eat lots of salad, just eat healthy and increase your water intake, it’s just calories in, calories out.

  4. Mj said :

    stop the oreos and start working out..this is by far the best natural way to lose should work me..
    and drink plenty of water and add fruits and veggies to ur diet and lower the fatty and fried foods…

    u r gud if u follow the’s hard to, i know, but thinking abt the end result will make anyone fall for it..

    have fun!

  5. Beth f said :

    well im trying to loose weight at the moment
    i jump on the trampoline for 10 mins each day and they say jumping on a trampoline is better then jogging because you loose more weight thats what victoria beckham does and look at the size of her lol

    and cut out crisp and junk like that just have a 3 course meal eachday but wen your hungry eat some fruit

    and eat special k in the morning it really does help

    well good luck

    beth x

  6. Karatesize said :

    The best way to lose wieght is to eat healthy foods and have a good cardio workout. A good cardio workout is one that will make you sweat and breath. My favorite is practicing Karate.

  7. Guitar_joey said :

    Eat nothing but lettuce… FAT FREE!!


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