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Does stopping smoking weed cause your eyes to dilate?

I quit smoking weed last week and all week my eyes were dilated. Could that be because I was smoking on a daily basis then stopped? I’m not on any sort of medication so I’m not sure why they would be dilated.
Thank you in advance.

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5 Responses to “Does stopping smoking weed cause your eyes to dilate?”

  1. KaSkAdE said :

    it could be part of the withdrawal symptomzz that occur when a heavy pot smoker quitss..i also smoke dailyyy but i notice that i get real irritable n moody when i go a single day without pott. Also my eyes tend to get really watery wwhne i havent smoked weed…wihdrawalzz a bitchhh

  2. Kendrix said :

    since your body was soo used to taking in that stuff, once you stopped it (your body) went through changes. if you wanna quit and still look normal i guess you cant smoke weed just like narrow it down to like what 1-3 joints a day. then less and less. idk that’s the best I’ve got.

  3. thmtom said :

    Might be from allergies.

    Have you’ve spent more time outside since you stopped?

  4. Sean said :

    your system is just use to it…sobering up will take some time. youll be back to normal soon

  5. Jonah Owens said :

    Check out
    There’s a trial there if anyone needs a quick aid to help quit smoking easier. Hope this helps.


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