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does drinking a glass of milk before a meal help with fat loss?

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8 Responses to “does drinking a glass of milk before a meal help with fat loss?”

  1. Easter Egg said :

    no. it makes you fatter. milk is extremely rich and fatty, that’s why baby animals drink it when they are young.

  2. Teufel Drei said :

    No. Exercise does.

  3. Zed Zed Top said :

    No. Not at all.

    Certainly if it’s 1% and especially if it’s 2% milk. Skim milk is definitely better, if you have to drink milk and can tolerate skim.

    But it doesn’t help lose weight and makes no difference if it’s before a meal or not. Drinking skim milk will cut calories and is a better alternative compared to other drinks like pop, alcohol, or high-sugared fruit drinks with no actual fruit in them or barely any.

  4. alister said :

    Using two tablespoons of olive oil everyday promotes weight loss. I don’t drink milk and I keep losing weight.

  5. Myra said :

    Unlikely, and there is no scientific evidence for that. I haven’t even heard it proposed as a method?!

    If anything, drinking milk would increase fat levels, even if you have fat free milk. Milk contains sugars which trigger the insulin response, via a long process, too much of this sugar will increase storage of sugar as fat.

    Milk is the last thing to have if one is looking at fat loss.

  6. Wayne Christie said :

    You are reading this because you need help? RIGHT. There is no doubt you overwhelmed by all the choices out there…….. with so many options ,its tough to know where to to turn for solid advice for fat loss. But one thing for sure: if you want to lose weight , its vital that you keep your diet in check.By watching out for simply sugars and saturated fats, your bound to keep the weight potential off let me adventure her >> you tried other programs and THEY FAILED you! With that in mind there is diet plan that has been incredibly SUCCESS ___FOR THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE–the Fat Loss 4 idiot system. This program works. Does drinking a glass of milk before a meal help with fat loss? I never heard or tried it…. but I know it has a lot of fat in it (whole milk) mmmmmmmm…

  7. george J B said :

    I do not think so. Try some other methods.

  8. Eo said :

    Probably, if it is skim. Even better though would be to drink a glass of water, which has been proven to help people lose weight.


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