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Do you wish you were poor so you could lose some weight?

I’ve been a little short on cash this week and it sucks except for the fact that I’ve lost a bit of weight from not eating out for lunch all the time.

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19 Responses to “Do you wish you were poor so you could lose some weight?”

  1. Ashley (Hot Ash) said :

    I am so poor I can’t pay attention

  2. MannytheMoodyMammoth said :

    rofl… I am short on money and I grew a belly. 🙁

  3. Me-owww said :

    hellz nah, gubment cheese is NOT good for a diet

  4. Pretty Gurl said :

    i’d have to be completely destitute

  5. Obsidian said :

    Sounds like a good ieda

  6. Cloud 9 said :

    Lots of poor people are extremely fat, because they eat buckets of lard.

  7. I♥Y!A Justin timberlake ;) said :

    I’m eating as much as I can whilst living with my parents so when I grow up and move out (to a cardboard box, most likely), I can look forward to that..

  8. Sweet oly said :

    i wish you were dead so i could tinkle on your grave. oly out

  9. 1thousand is super fantastic said :

    It must be everywhere then. This month I had to pay for taekwon-do and figure skating for three kids. I hate running short. It makes me nervous.
    The food I eat is so weird and boring that just being bored of it causes me to lose weight.

  10. jlf1262003 said :

    That’s funny because most of the poor people I see are overweight.

  11. Kortne Releford said :

    NO just start running on the weekends ALL THE TIME.

  12. BobJr's Final return said :

    funny im in great shape and on a diet with lots of money saved from what I usually spend on food. So no, I feel I have best of both worlds.

  13. Jen said :

    How about keep your money and grow a spine…’s called willpower.

  14. ☬ℙяÍⓝc∉§§ Ʀiʈą ℙяモ§モレ∉Y said :

    Actually the say it’s the poor who are generally obese…. I am sad for you, isn’t there any kind of resources in place for temporary help?

  15. skullhead bob said :

    i am poor and being poor sucks. i feel like im gunna just hafta go rob somebody half the time. i dont see how somebody could accually want to be poor for any reason. why dont you just not eat a bunch of fattening food for lunch.

  16. Trin said :

    that’s not always true and the way this question is asked is kind of mean. I am poor as hell and I barely have anything to eat every single night. I offend this poking fun at the poor. -_- just saying

    edit: also, most poor people that are fat are mooching off the system. my aunt is one of those people getting food stamps, $900 a month for each of the 4 kids she has and takes money from my grandfather as well. she still lives in a trailer and is over 300 pounds…-_- i am ashamed of her

    @Tony Z: I actually find the healther foods are rather more expensive. If you price compare a small thing of good, healthy butter, is both small and more pricey than a thing of butter than is bad for you. Unless you can just find an excellent store with excellent deals. 😀

  17. Tony Z said :

    you don’t have to be poor to stay away from junk food, fast foods, processed foods.

    The irony is that healthier, less fatty foods are actually very inexpensive.

  18. triple secret agent said :

    try the cleveland steamer diet and change your hat.

  19. Inca Ognito said :

    Being poor can actually make you gain weight, Clint. Healthy foods really do cost more. Things like rice and pasta, while they do indeed stretch your dollar and fill your stomach-they also expand your waistline.
    The market is bass ackwards. You would think that the organic, untreated foods would cost less than the ones that have to be refined and processed.


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